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Prove it to them.......go in there naked

Apply for men's gym...


This happens to me alll the time. Oh how I hate being a Jew

33 - You're not the real Mort you're a phony. :p

There ARE women who have a condition known as poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) it makes women's hormones out of balance and makes them have issues such as hair loss or more hair on their body such as men and make them even mentally like men. Aggressive high sexual drive. Ect. It's also the main reason for women having many fertility issues. :) which is sometimes the main reason why many women take birth control to balance their periods and hormones. Being over weight can also make the issue worse. Which is probably why OP wanted to join a gym. To lose weight to make her condition less.

Don't be obnoxious. It's not something you can really prevent. You're born with it. The best way to deal with the situation is to lose weight. At least if you are over weight. If not get hair removal six as waxing or laser treatments. And talk to your doctor about medications that can help treat it. :D

That's what you get for celebrating no-shave November with the guys.

damn that would so suck

Lift up your shirt to show proof...

What does op mean?

Return to the gym at 2:37am and proceed to set it on fire. If you can't work out ^no one can :)

Why would you ask that of #1, 24?

Wait no.24 what if she's flat chested?...

#24 if she is mistaken for a man do you really want her to take off her shirt?

Who thinks she is Fatima whitbread?

when i was in 5th grade, i had short hair, so womenz decided to be bitches and chase me out of the bathroom or yell at me because they thought i was a boy =/

She just needs to go sign up when she's on her period. Easiest proof ever. Also it makes for a nice revolting revenge on those doubting her gender, depending on how she chooses to present the evidence.

Op could have just shown her license (if she had one) proving shes is female or go to a different gym if they still think she's a male o.O................or if that doesn't work either than just buy her own equipment maybe......just sayin'

maybe she should stop dressing like a fucking tomboy and nobody will think she's a dude

Change the style of your hair? Haha I just called a miss, sir the other day at my work. I felt like a jackass after that.

114 - you mad? it's a gym. don't expect a girl to look pretty while she's doing her some squats!

@ 98 yeah... I don't see why people are so fixated on going to gyms and having a "gym membership" probably something about social proof...that's just a theory though ;]

Wow FYL OP maybe wear more makeup?

Maybe she has no boobs or sth, what about that?

agreed. And on another note, what's to stop a man wearing make-up anyway? You've heard of transvestites surely?

#17 The "no boobs" thing could be true. I have almost no boobs and got mistaken for a guy a few times when I had short hair. But wearing make-up to the gym? No thanks. I've seen women do it, but personally I don't like having make-up run down my face...

The no boobs thing is actually very likely, especially if op goes to the gym regularly. I'm an athlete and I, as well as most of my friends that participate in sports, am extremely flat chested. It's kinda the downside of constant exercise.

#141 The flat-chested factor is not necessarily always due to constant exercise. It's also just genetics.

Apply for men's gym...

ask to prove it

Just make a sammich.

Why do they have women's gyms? They shouldn't have left the kitchen...

YIKES! Dykes! What?

Yeah, you'll get a real workout rather than yoga anyway.

Wow I'm sorry..... Lol Makeup/girl clothing maybe?

No need for name calling 5# was just giving out advise,whether it was good or in your opinion terrible.

Make up and girl clothes will not make her look more like a girl if she doesn't do it right

Well I am giving YOU adviCe it's not spelled "advise" duh!

#152 It's spelled differently in different countries and dialects. Some people spell advice the same way they spell the verb "advise".

sorry Op... get a makeover?

Prove it to them.......go in there naked


DO YOU LOVE ME NOW MOM. DO YOU?!?!? stole my comment. Give it back.

Manly woman is manly, good thing we got ID's.

It should say that on your drivers license though...

171, First of all, the age in Ontario to get a license is 16. Second, I highly doubt anybody under 16 would apply for a gym membership...

I'm 14 and I have a gym membership and I live in Canada. So again you were saying anybody under 16 would not do what?

Good for you, Rosie.