By dazean - 15/11/2011 18:00 - United States

Today, I discovered that there is nothing wrong with our snowblower. I live in Alaska and for the last 10 years I have been shoveling our long steep driveway because I thought the snowblower was broken. Reality? My mother has "never been able to get it out of the shed." FML
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dazean tells us more.

In response to why didn't you buy/check/fix it yourself? Answer: I was saving for college, and know nothing about engines. I remembered that it had been broken before, and assumed she didn't have the money to have it fixed- as we were broke most of the time and could barely afford basic necessities.

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I'm sorry, but why wouldn't you have checked if it worked yourself?


I think this comment helped me reach enlightenment.

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That's when you know it's time to move to California and relish the snow free living. If you weren't in shape 10 years ago all that shoveling should have done the job so you're... WINNING

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I like 1's name: puppytaco64 lol

#35 Or.. You could live here in Australia, where it never snows anywhere inhabited!

Or Florida! Hot 24/7 with the occasional storm and/or old person crossing your path.

Op could've bought a new one, or a used one off Craigslist. Before all you people start screaming "They're expensive," us Alaskans get money every year basically RIGHT before the snow falls or a week after. He very well could've got another one.

To the people who say "ydi just buy one", if op is still living at home he may have just finally got a job and mentioned buying one, and that's when he found out it was actually functional.

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Yah it blows since OPs mom is sarah palin.

Alex94xela 0

Yah it blows since OPs mom is sarah palin.

Wait wait... Has nobody realized he's been living with his mom for 10 years?

People up here take care of their parents. It says he did it for 10 years, not that he lives with her.

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165, what bkackops game were you playing? i know it wasnt team death match. dont thumb this down people he doesnt have messaging. I NEED TO KNOW. -__-

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And for 10 years you never thought to maybe try and repair it or just go buy a new one??

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He may have been 10 or so 10 years ago. Kids that age shovel snow.

You live in Alaska? With your mother?!?

#100 it was snowing in Canberra when I was down there 4 years ago

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Except the economy is 10,000 times better in Alaska than California. #35

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What part of Alaska? Some areas don't have snow all year long.... You know what, never mind, never mind.... The snow is still pretty bad there in the winter...

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Why wouldnt you have just bought a new one...

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He never thought to look in the shed? Tsk tsk tsk...

Your mom was just saying that because shoveling snow, like digging holes, builds character. It seems you got 10 years worth of character.

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"lol" looks like a drowning person, does anyone else see that?

Hehe I do now. Now I will think of that everytime I see lol.

To everyone that replied to 2, "lawl" is not just a pronunciation of "lol." It actually stands for "laughing a whole lot."

If I lived in Alaska I think I'd invest in two snow blowers. Just in case.

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Yea seriously.. you live in Alaska and in 10 years you can't save up money for a snow blower?

FYL OP time to take matters in your own hands I guess.

Why? Ops Mum was simply toughening him up, he should be thankful.

OP could always just turn his dishwasher into a snowblower... By buying her a snowblower(;

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I'm sorry, but why wouldn't you have checked if it worked yourself?

Wow, never took the time in ten years to check it out yourself? YDI

It's just a theory, but perhaps OP was a kid or at least young, therefore trusting his mom almost blindly. Again, that's only a theory.

Hahah I live in Alaska too it sucks shoveling snow in the freezing cold

Llama_Face89 33 sucks shoveling snow in New England....In Alaska it must be hellish...

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Sorry. Don't pay attention to my last comment. It was originally posted on someone else's post and they deleted it and mine shifted.

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Just ignore this comment. It was directed to somebody else. :)

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it took me 2 hours to shovel snow in Minnesota... can't even imagine what Alaska would be like.

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82- You guys have heat waves. Bleh.

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82-some snow, not no snow. Ever heard of the snowy mountains?

Oh my gosh. I'm from west Texas and I would kill for some snow right about now. :/

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Defiantly is. I miss the warm there's snow to my knees right now and winter has just started...

Alaska here too! It's freaking COLD right now and the snow...sheesh On the bright side,only 8 more months till summer and the midnight sun! :)

189, we'd kill for anything that is wet and falls from the sky right about now. Couple of inches of snow would give us a grass fire break at least. Texas has been horrible lately.

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I went to Texas in august this year. Talk about suicide

mfazi456 7

I went to Texas in august this year. Talk about suicide

mfazi456 7

I went to Texas in august this year. Talk about suicide

What does op mean I feel stupid saying this

Here come the parade of silly suggestions. Or should I say... Outrageous Prepositions?

Oddly precarious. Sure,let's feed him false info!!

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Orgasmic Prostitute! Nice Gir pic, btw!

Overactive pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

OP's mother could not get the snow blower out of her shed. Do-you-understand?

Ikr i have been asking this q for a long time and no1 will tell me!

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Orange platypus, Or should I Change to O'd irony penguin

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If you thought it was broken for 10 years, didn't it ever occur to you to try and buy a new one? Or demand that your mother buy a new one? I mean come on. It's been 10 years. Seriously.

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What makes me laugh is that, most teenagers begin to shovel snow in thir teen years...if that's true, shouldn'tthey have moved out? Just sayin!

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Umm snowblowers are ******* expensive. Not all people have the money

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She isn't necessarily saying that. The fact of the matter is, why wouldn't OP ask about getting a new one, (which you can save up for in ten years) or ask if it's broken. The OP /thought/ it was broken. He could have just asked if it was.

To numbers 60 and 69 go read the responses to 1's comment.

After 10 years in Alaska with no snow blower, didn't you have a day free to buy a new one?

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Why are you asking again? Someone already answered your earlier post.

moviegirl6 5

Ugh. I'm sorry about these random comments. I'm on my phone and everything always gets tossed around. :/