By Anonymous
Today, as a male in his 40s, I went to "mixed" aerobics. I arrived late to find the entire female class had started intensely warming up. Within 5 minutes I pulled a calf muscle and left limping pathetically past a martial arts class. FML
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By  strangegirl505  |  7

mixed does not mean coed. Just saying. It means multiple mixed aerobics. Like mixed martial arts. Though I don't know why anyone would limit themselves by stopping joining a traditionally gendered class if it's for your health. Everyone should do yoga by age 40 or you will have a hunched back by 80. (Sources can be found with Google my friends.)

By  RichardPencil  |  30

As an older male myself, I often take classes where I’m far outnumbered by women. Don’t show off and you won’t hurt yourself. I do what I do and if the ladies don’t like it, too bad.

By  chessu  |  21

As a female who takes lots of group classes I can assure you we don't care if you're the only man there. Like yeah sure, I'll notice it, but I'm more preoccupied with myself. The only time we care is if you walk into the class thinking it won't be hard because 'it's for women' and overdo it within the first ten minutes just to prove you're better than this class, which I can imagine happened here. I've seen SO many men join a Bodypump class and then ignore the instructor and add on their floor weights which is low rep/high weights when the class is high rep/low(er) weights and they then also ignore the tempo and end up not being able to keep up and make dying whale noises and drip of sweat. That's when I notice you and look and judge you. Cause you thought you knew better. Group classes are no less challenging than lifting or something.