By blahpizzablah - 22/06/2009 00:37 - United States

Today, I was delivering pizzas for my summer job. I got a big order to deliver for a fellow graduate's party. While I was being paid for the order my friend shows up and says "Don't pay him, his parents are rich, he can handle it." Then they shut the door and took off. The bill was $75. FML
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This is where you say, "My parents are rich because they're hookers, and your momma is their best customer. Pay up."

thats when you go in there and take back the pizza


seriously, mad bitchy

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i dont understand y everyone is calling the friend an asshole man up and say no "his parents are rich, let them cover it." "uh...ok that sounds good cya later man." Was this how it went?

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dude, give him so slack he got stiffed 75 bucks thats prob more than he makes in two weeks

lol you should have called the cops on them to ruin their party

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lol 150 ya he should have O_o

ur friend just showerd up magicaly?

1765 people on FML r IDIOTS!!! how in he'll did OP deserve this?! geez

wow, some friend, FYL.

And you should make that "friend" cover the bill.

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#84 is right. Make him pay interest too.

I'm only mad at the friend because he called the friend rich while he was delivering pizza. If he was so rich, why would he be doing that? His friend's an idiot and a dick.

Some rich people know the value of money and start working rather soon. Not all rich kids are spoiled and lazy morons, you know? And the fact that his parents are rich does not imply HIM being rich. Maybe he has to deliver pizza cuz he has to earn his pocket money.

exaclty, the "friend" should pay

Damn that really sucks. You should contact your employer or something

thats when you go in there and take back the pizza

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This is where you say, "My parents are rich because they're hookers, and your momma is their best customer. Pay up."

I like this one. I think you might need some new friends from the looks of it. That really sucks.

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haha good one :)

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hahahaha, thats great.

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He said fellow classmate that doesn't make them friends that just means that there classmates. Am I the only one to notice? FYL

actually he said " my friend came over and said...." so yeah, he did say there his friends

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He said it was for a fellow classmate's party, and his friend said not to pay him. Learn to read more closely.

FYL because they did that, AND because they were big enough dickshits to not invite you if your friend was there.

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He was working though as the pizza boy though :P Your frind a piece of shit. You should tell your employer about it and then those guys could get sued. So really, it's **** their life.

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Yeah... kick your "friend's" ass up into himself the next time you see him. Then relieve him of his wallet and take the money for the pizza plus interest. Call it a parting gift for ending such a great friendship.

Some "friend" you got. );

What the hell. Kill your friend. That's ridicous. Good for you for having a job though, regardless of your parents money. I'm thinking you + your friends address + craigslist = revenge. But that's just me.

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Win, that right there. Brilliant Idea.

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your fault for not asserting yourself: grow a pair

Have you considered that he might have tried, but was ignored?