By TheFlash - 22/06/2009 01:15 - United States

Today, I was down at Disney World. Me and my buddy decided to take our pictures in a photobooth. While in the tiny space, I thought it'd be funny to flash the camera. A women barged in as soon as I did so, screaming "You know there's an outside video feed, right!?" FML
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Flashing the camera at Disney World. Right. Way to go.


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Dang it. cant believe i missed that. D:

lol, a women barged in?

at Disney? have u no morals?

Where Your Dreams Come True

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Bwahahaha. They must've thought you were taking pictures of yourself instead of paying the booth for that purpose. (Cheapass merchandisers)

I don't think they mean that kind of flash... :P

You. Are. A tard.

i love your comment, how clueless you are.

HAHHHHHAH awwwe, you don;t get it you shouldn't be on this site!

Lot of clueless people here. Flashing = showing boobs.

LMFAO #44.... =) exactly what i was thinking

76 are u getting prepared to have sex in that photo =]

Girreth 7

#91, I loved //SIGN :D

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DUH! that Is all I have to say to you...

Myssi_fml 9

There was so much innocence in that comment... That, or you're an idiot .-.

Dam that is hella ****** up

Flashing the camera at Disney World. Right. Way to go.

srsly. Way to be a total ****. YDI

pics or it didn't happen.

inorite, it's a photobooth, there should be PICS

I agree, Pics or it didnt happen

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The only comment to give me a good laugh in a long time

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Well.... -did- you know? XD

haha short, sweet, and to the point.

Kinda like your mother.

YDI Almost all photobooths are like that. Everyone I've been in is like that. What'd you expect?

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Instead of wasting time in a photobooth, you should have been going on rides. Idiot

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I was thinking the same thing.

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well maybe they were tired gosh by the way YDI