By docwinters - 27/05/2013 12:39 - Australia - Bathurst

Today, my partner and I were cuddling on the couch, watching TV when she smiled and murmured, "You smell like my dad." FML
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You should've told her that she smells like your mom... And made it equally as awkward

Just awkwardly say, "You too!"


You should've told her that she smells like your mom... And made it equally as awkward

It's psychologically programmed in us to pick partners that share characteristics with our parents. Take it as a compliment, however awkward it may be!

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27- you got that off of how I met your mother

Its psychology girls subconsiously attracted to that and boners. But uglies will be ugly.

#1, I love your comment, because that's exactly what I would have done.

You know what they say is true: people seek partners that remind them of their parents.

Just awkwardly say, "You too!"

I chortled a bit. Definitely an awkward situation..

Who the fuck says Chortled?

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I felt the need to log in just to upvote 70.

People in Harry potter say chortled.

Time for a new cologne, OP. Unless your girlfriends into that.

I was thinking the same thing! Maybe she intended it to be a compliment... Or maybe OP really needs to rethink what kind of products he uses

Oedipus complex

He doesn't have to change it, maybe her dad smelled good. There is nothing wrong with that, unless that's what turns her on.

"If you want to have intercourse with that girl, find out what kind of cologne her father wore." "Good to see you, Mother."

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#32 when it's dad-daughter it's called Electra Complex.

Doesn't sound like a good basis of a relationship

I'm pretty certain smelling like her dad isn't the basis of their relationship though.

True but wouldn't be good in the middle of sex

Actually biology would beg to differ. Women are naturally and instinctively attracted to men with their fathers qualities, as these are an evidence of ability to provide for a family...

what if she had a deadbeat dad who smelled nice?

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That must have been really awkward op.

This would've been funnier if the OP (original posteR) was a woman.

Thank god you stated the meaning for OP. here i was thinking, it stands for organic poo.

Overcooked pajamas... Duh.

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Cummon it's overworked penis ...

Everyone knows it's ostrich pelvis.

jus a guess but I think op is a woman bcuz it says "partner".... u should really pay attention to detail

Such as the little detail of the male/Mars symbol beside his name?

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34 - It says OP is a male

Fat chicks: It means Outstanding Personality! Or. Omygod Pizza!

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Awesome, your comments made my day

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Well, now she can't complain if you say "Who's your daddy?" during sex.

It could've been a compliment Just because her dad smells like you, it doesn't have to be bad.

That does not necessarily need to be a bad thing. The smell probably brought back nice childhood memories for her and instinctively made her feel safer. And if you are nervous that she may be dating you because you possibly resemble him... Yes many people, without consciously realizing, choose people that remind them of their parents in some way, shape, or form. It's perfectly normal. She most likely will not make that connection on her own. (if that's even the case) Few really do. Just relax, OP. I bet her dad has had plenty of time to select the best colognes. Take it as a compliment.

OP, you have just been fuckin' scienced.

I made a similar comment to this, #10, great minds think alike!

How are you sure not it's a dude but a female. I think "partner" is used in homosexual relationship. And I think their both male. That's what I think at least...

@74 Many of us who are in opposite-sex relationships but who have lots of GLBTQ friends use inclusive language for ourselves and our relationships as well.

74, "she smiled" Simple mistake.

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OP that's the perfect moment for you to turn her over, give it to her until she can't take it anymore, spank her and tell her to call you daddy


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Or not...