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  Today, my girlfriend learned that calling someone a "stupid bitch" under your breath while staring right at them from six feet away works very differently in my house than at hers. She also learned my sister has one hell of a punch. FML
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  shadowsorel  |  15

46 - It'd probably go like:

"Today, *insert something insignificant that pissed her off here*. I called her a stupid bitch under my breath. Then she punched me! It still hurts! FML"

OP - By the way, I think I'm in love with your badass sister.

  gardenwhipped3  |  14

personally i think that's great. Unfortunately after about 16, it doesn't really work. My brother (2 years younger) was the king of under the breath talking and hateful glares. Finally one day I got sick of it. I remember telling him to "go ahead and hit me, and i would show him how much of a girl he really was".

today my brother is a total loser and probably on welfare. If it was possible to voluntarily restrict family members from federal programs, i would have him banned because he is just lazy and good for nothing.

Maybe that hit will send the "OPs" girlfriend on a completely different path.

  K_kanaka  |  26

Well I hope your girlfriend learned if you got nothing to say to someone then don't say anything about someone... preferably not six feet away from them.


Your sister MUST be a lesbian. There is no other viable explanation. (idiots out there - please realise I am joking).


No. If it's too subtle for you, then tough shit.


I got it, still not great, but I got it.

Basically, sister must be lesbian to punch OP's GF since only guys can fight/know how to punch/solve things with violence, since lesbians fill the role of the guy and girl in a relationship. At least, I think that's the joke. Ugh....

By  1990245  |  6


  desireev  |  17

4- I think OP is saying that she gets away with muttering names under her breath in her house.

Way to go, OPs sister! Glad to see that you put her in her place. :)

  cheshireau  |  26

I wonder why he is with her OR why he didn't stick up for her. Someone is out of line and if it's the Girlfriend, get rid of her. I wouldn't date anyone who took a shot at my sister.

By  CoolBroStory  |  7

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  CoolBroStory  |  7

Hitting someone just because they called you a bitch is a bit of an overreaction.

  Ridney  |  1

I agree. Sounds like they are both "stupid bitches."
The girlfriend is horribly disrespectful, and the sister assaults people who say things she doesn't like.
FYL OP, for being stuck in the middle of those two hotheads. Duck and cover.


It's not "her house", her parents are paying for it. Technically the government is paying for it, since her parents get their money from the government. But regardless who's house it is, if his sister was being a stupid bitch, she deserves to be called one. It wasn't her fault that her boyfriends sister got so butthurt that she turned out to be some messed up psycho who can't contain her anger.


161 ... After reading your comments i have to ask. Do you know OP's girlfriend or like to keep the same trashy company? The girlfriend clearly disrespected the Op as well as the sister not to mention his parents. Last time I checked when you are with someone you owe the entire family a descent level of respect. She didn't give such respect so his sister stood up for herself. At least she's not a coward. She didn't talk under her breath, she dealt with the girl directly.


Just because they are related, that doesn't mean this girl needs to kiss his sisters ass if she did something that might've pissed her off. Everyone's calling this girl a bad ass and such but she could of started this situation, we don't know that. OP didn't mention how it started.

His girl should of kept her comments to herself. What she said was pretty rude, but again we don't know how this started, and I don't think that punching her in the face over something stupid was really necessary. His sister needs to grow up and deal with verbal shit. If his girlfriend physically attacked his sister, she would have the right to defend herself. But please, is it necessary to get so defensive over a dumb little insult? Is she willing to risk getting charged or arrested for blowing up a situation that could of been avoided? They're both immature but I still have more sympathy for his girlfriend. His sisters a psychotic bitch who needs anger management.

  ThePsyche  |  9

Edit: don't read the below. I was blabbering and shall promptly be thumbed down. Thank you.

Man if someone called me a little bitch!!

..I would do absolutely nothing. I would probably lock myself in the restroom and cry bc it's so true.

But seriously, if I got a hi five everytime I said the B word.. I'd have a hi five... Wait. 0.o

By  gc327072  |  29

Nice girlfriend ya got there... Why would you even allow her to speak about your family that way? Should've slapped her yourself! She's the one being a bitch here...

  jelly713  |  19

Exactly, she has no right to be insulting your family in your own house unless they disrespected her too, it's understandable but still not excusable. I would have been told off I insulted my BF's sister by my BF. OP should have a talk with her.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

136 - nope, it's still funny, it's not overused to the point of hatred therefore it can simply be considered a classic - plus it's good, you might notice the ones that become hated quickly due to overuse usually aren't

(and it's the first thing that popped into my head too)