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  perdix  |  29

Uncle Moe, I told a girl, a sexually-experienced one at that, about squirting and she didn't believe it.

I referred her to my training material (aka, free Internet porn), and she watched it and said it had to be some kind of trick. Apparently, only a minority of women are equipped to squirt, so you can see why the others might deny it exists.

  Daralea  |  21

huh... didn't know squirting exists either. Seems strange it would come from the urethra. Ahh well, learn something new everyday...just didn't think it would be about the female body from FML.

  malvoliosf  |  1

They *are* going to pee. Look, liquids are incompressible: you think anatomists have missed the "squirt reservoir" for hundreds of years, an organ that (to judge from the videos) must be the size of a tangerine.

I know you all think it's cool that a girl is so excited that she sprays a liquid when she reaches orgasm, just like a man, but she's just urinating. Deal with it.

  DoubleDose  |  0

Not true, every woman can squirt, and it's not piss, the female body produces a liquid, have you ever seen a woman pee? And a woman squirt? Women pee much like men in straight lines ( best way to Descibe that I know) and women squirt like fire hoses it sprays in a wide arc. So unless the urethra expands 5-6 inches then it definently isn't piss.


I can say squirting exist didnt believe it until it happen though its only happen twice. also its not piss, piss and the femal ejaculation has two totally different smells, texture, and color and also the way it squirts out.

  pandacruisn30  |  3

This is soo true!! I am in a relationship for 4 months and we are waiting to have sex for the right moment. If he had meet me a few years ago I would have dumped him for the lack of action but I am willing to wait for him because he is a great guy who respects me and loves me! I love him with all my heart and soul just have to learn to be patient.

  Xtra_Cheddar  |  3

^ who cares?
And It's freaking hard for me to get my gf to orgasm, she's really shy and she doesn't think she can have an orgasm since she's a virgin, don't know if that's true or not

  DerekBlaskie  |  6

Sry 193 the female orgasm is a very real thing. I feel for you. Some girls it takes longer, some can have an O if they sneeze. But it is very real.. Maybe some day you will experience one..

Till then, next question please.

  DoubleDose  |  0

It's really not his fault, these days with all these stories about women faking their orgasms, he must have come to the conclusion that they are fake and rather than you faking it, he'd rather just drop it

  Clarice1  |  9

re: Mister_Triangle
Okay, this is another one that it's stupid to vote down. I'm pretty sure the poster was JOKING, given that his name starts with "Mister". Get it? A man has never had a female orgasm? It's a joke. I'm a woman, and I get mad when it's warranted, but I don't go around looking for reasons to be offended every time someone tries to be funny. (And FYI, assuming it is a joke, I think it is funny.)

By  EarAcheMyEYE10  |  2

OP... you need to show him... well... cause he's an idiot... but if you love the moron, get some porn and point out the key moments, or grab another dude... do it and film it ... then show him... it's ok ... he's a moron... he won't be able to put 2 and 2 together... wear a wig... either way you need to educate the idiot... then please don't have kids!!!