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  Since1998  |  20

You know, we dont ride polar bears to school/work and live in igloos. Its hitting 30 degrees where I am today. The only time when it gets too cold is october/november (till about march) and her lease is over in december.

  nomudkips  |  4

Probably wouldn't work. There are situations where it's better to keep it colder, like if you have babies / old folks / anyone else sensitive to hot water.

  christyxbee  |  15

Nomud, where do you see in this post that OP is a senior citizen or even a baby? Surely if they were either they wouldn't be telling te story on FML so your point seems invalid. I say lawyer up and get a case going. This seems truly unfair.

  Daralea  |  21

:S I agree. This FML is made all the more painful because of that.

At least OP can try and find a better place/get this solved for jan and feb, which are the real Canadian winter killers.

By  Poetaster  |  10

Should be fun when you don't pay rent. Notify them in writing that theyare required, by law, to keep the premisis in a "habitable" condition. This is not habitable. Then .., sue them. I hate slum lords.