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Today, I was crying at my desk at work. My colleague tried to cheer me up by saying: "Don't worry, I'm sure you will find a new job soon". I didn't even know I was fired. I was crying because my cat died this morning. FML
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that's absolutely horrible, I'm so sorry OP, and RIP your kitty and hopefully you find another job soon! :)


The pressure of first comment got to you didn't it

#11: Calm down. Everyone has rough days. I can speak from experience and say it is tough thinking of a good comment fast enough to make first.

It is definitely not an LSAT, one of the better LMGs on battlefield 3.

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) this is the first comment.

I am more of a SCAR fan but to each his own... What was the FML again???

Maybe the colleague was just assuming you got fired? Idk. Either way, I'm sorry for your loss.

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85- oh the pain... My thumb is cramping from thumbing your comments down.

This is a true FML. I know what it's like to lose a pet, OP, and it's much worse than you would expect. And to then be out of a job makes this truly depressing. But don't worry, you will find another job, and once you're ready perhaps you can welcome another little kitten into your life. Maybe this is an opportunity to improve yourself - to make something good out of all this.

I agree. I often find the worst situations have a way of working out for the best in the end.

To the 1500 people that say she deserves it, **** you. And please explain yourselves.

92- While I voted FYL, I was very torn as OP obviously had a rough day. However crying over your cat, at work is pretty unprofessional, some times you just have to suck it up and put your game face on for 8 hours. Also, we must ask why (if) OP was fired? that usually doesn't happen for no reason. I hope that explains why ~1800 say YDI.

I very much disagree with that principle. Of course OP was fired for a reason. But losing a beloved pet is traumatic and absolutely sad. OP may have just broken at some point, remembering that her cat had passed away. And why she got fired has nothing at all to do with this.

102- I didn't cry over a close family member who passed recently (while I was at work), I saved it for later. Life sucks, that's why FML is a viable site. Man/woman up! No sense crying at work over shit you can't change. Your boss/co-workers will be much more unforgiving than the FML community... Also, where I'm from, you get bereavement days for family members, not cats.

First of all, 104, not everyone deals with their emotions in the same way! Some people, such as myself, are very emotional and expressive and find it hard to hide their feelings whether in public or not. Not everyone can just swallow and bottle up their feelings for a more convenient time. Everyone deals with their grief differently so don't be telling OP or anyone to "man/woman up" according to your own standards! Second of all, I am of the belief that you should get at least one day bereavement for pets. Everyone should know by now that most people consider their pets as family and the loss of one is devastating therefore requiring some time to grieve. To deny that just doesn't make any sense. I know this is not the case in any workplace that I know of but I just think it should be.

When I had to put my Saint Bernard down, I cried the day of, after, and two months later when I realized how much I missed the big lug. He was such a sweatheart. Cow-sized, but a sweetheart. Point is, 104, that people grieve differently and cannot be expected to save sadness for later. Don't be so unfeeling - as has been said, a pet is family and family is more important than your job.

that's absolutely horrible, I'm so sorry OP, and RIP your kitty and hopefully you find another job soon! :)

Well, a job is replaceable, sadly, a cat isn't :(

Sure a cat is all you're going to need is a skull, book of incantations, some crayons and poof you've summoned your cat back from the dead

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or you can take the cat to an indian burial ground

14 A cat is just as replaceable as a job. If not easier to replace. When you replace a job, you get a NEW one. Same goes for a cat. Sure you don't have the memories and shit with the old cat, but you can still replace it.

Cats are like goldfish to me. I'd like To keep my job thank you. I may be biased having lived on a farm with about 1320 cats though... They weren't pets, they were 100% on their own and expendable mouse killers. I await MASSIVE thumbs down now, but don't care, it's nature.

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99, what's nature? All I see is your nature of being a completely douchebag. "Oh this is the way MY life is so everyone must deal with thing the EXACT same way I do, right?" Learn to ******* empathize with other human beings, kid.

wtf, you're not supposed to sympathize for OP you're supposed to comment something funny. or you'll get thumbs down'd

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Take part of your own advice there 81. Haha. As for op, that's just bad luck. Sorry for both your losses. time to go out and have a drink!

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Sorry about your loss... And loss of employment. :( Keep your head up, OP.

Better all in one day than one ******* terrible year!

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brilliant statement! hopefully the rest of the year for op is productive and filled w joy. :))

OP I'm sorry! That sucks but things will turn around

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wow today's just not your day

Why is this comment getting thumbed down? I don't see any negativity nor any spelling errors, so what's the problem?

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I had to take my sick cat to the vet last week because i couldn't afford an operation to save her life T_T I'm so sorry about your cat, OP.

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thats so sad. imagining losing my pets just makes me want to cry. these are some sad comments. . op again im so so sorry :(

Gud va synd! Hoppas att du hittar ett nytt jobb och förlåt om din kat

Um.. I wish I spoke your language but I don't so.. :)

"God pity huh! Hope you find a new job and sorry about your cat".

Wow, can't believe this got so thumbed down just because it's not English. I get that it's an American website and I do tend to assume the FMLs will be English but I don't really find a few foreign comments that surprising or terrifying...