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Today, I was tending the cash register. I scanned a lady's items which totaled $89.68. She paid with a $100 bill. I gave her $11.32 change. She angrily gave back the extra dollar and complained about "schools nowadays". I'm an AP Calculus student. FML
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wait huh she got mad cuz you gave her an extra dollar by mistake :-/

Doesn't the cash register tell you how much change to give? You may want to reconsider your major if reading 4 (four) numbers on a screen is confusing.


wait huh she got mad cuz you gave her an extra dollar by mistake :-/

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tell her you are good at taking the area under her curve.

You messing up at basic arithmetic isn't surprising. Repeat after me: Calculus is EASY, arithmetic is HARD. In my AP calculus class, several years ago, the star student in the class once got a 99 on a test most other people bombed: he reduced 12/5 to 7. An amazing number of very smart people will routinely do all of the complex mathematics perfectly, then get the wrong answer because they screwed up the addition. This is why we have calculators. And computers. So FYL for not punching the numbers into your cash register, and giving the change it told you to.

It's a mental error I make all the time, as a customer. it's not really an FML or YDI. Obviously as an AP Calc student, you can do math and it's nowhere near being a big enough deal to impact your life.

hell at work we gave a customer 15 wings for the price of 14 and they complained. we also had a customer complain that the cook touched the dough of the pizza and did not wash his hand before getting more dough to make more pizza's.

Do you work on a fkin stone age computer??? It didn't tell you how much change to give back???

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No this was huge, if people keep saying "it doesnt matter" like you, this world will see an end in the near future.

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Just because your good in math doesn't mean you never make mistakes. For all those retards that could "clearly see that" should shut up because you obviously aren't smart enough to know that people always make mistakes.

People! The person have the correct amount back! She somehow thought that it was supposed to be 10.32 and when it wasn't she bitched about how he can't do math

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Actually, $10.32 would have been the correct change. Use a calculator to check your math.

"I'm an ap calculus student" you're also a moron...

soo. 89.68 plus 11.32 is 100 ? I didn't complete high school and even I can see that's $101. schools these days.

It's a simple mistake. everyone makes them.

You got owned. It might be prudent to consider switching to the remedial calculus class.

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Not a lot of numbers in calculus. All Xs and Ys and crap.

ha yeah good point.. but if basic addition/subtraction is a challenge, finding tangent lines and derivatives may be nearly impossible.

Actually, the more deep you go into maths the harder the basic stuff gets apparently.

Sounds like when choosing the course, the OP might have though that General Calculus was a Roman war hero.

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Agreed. If you're in AP Calculus, how the heck did you not know how to do basic subtraction?

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Phorenzix, you sir/madam are win!

35 is right... not being able to do simple maths is the sign of a mathmatician lol.

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Isn't every one allowed to make the occasional arithmetic error. An why was the lady mad at an EXTRA dollar. Honestly though, this isn't too bad of a fml the lady probably won't even remember you.

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It's a ******* dollar!! get over it!!!

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One of the greatest algebraic geometers of all time (Alexander Grothendieck) once chose 57 as an example of a prime number. Don't be so judgemental.

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This would be more of an FML if she decided to keep the extra dollar you gave her. Also, use your brain next time.

Heh. You've never been a cashier, have you? I'm an AP Calc student, but the last thing I want to do when tending the register is use my brain. Far too often, it brings up things like how slowly the time is moving and how many minutes each customer takes (on average, they take just under three and a half for me).

IneffableLullaby 13

I have been a cashier before actually, and the only thing to keep me going through the routine day is finding stuff to make me think. I truly do enjoy the mental stimulation of doing something different, whether it's another challenge. :) But yes, I understand fully the desire to not have to use your brain at such a mundane job; But for some, like me, that's the only thing to prevent them from going insane. :p

You misunderstand me. I think about anything — everything that I can — while I'm working. I just devote as little brainpower as possible to the actual job. This is how the OP's mistake could be construed understandable.

IneffableLullaby 13

Ahh, I see. Well, yeah, I could understand that then. Lord knows that when I got used to my job, I stopped caring, which of course resulted in my lack of effort to continue doing my job to the best of my abilities. :p Still, I do wonder as to how OP got a 10 and a 1 stuck together. I always made sure to separate all my bills before I sorted them. :/

What? They didn't get stuck together, the whole point is he messed up the arithmetic...

IneffableLullaby 13

I know, but sometimes you just wanna be nice and give the OP the benefit of the doubt. Hahaha.

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heh... nice. took the words right outta my mouth!

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she won't keep that cashier job if she can't count out correct change.

Exactly. I'd go for something less brain-intensive.

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zeebest stop being such a troll.

#120, you obviously don't know what FML's definition of a troll is, so unless you can make a proper response out of it, shut the **** up.

5- youre a dumb **** stfu.. guaranteed OP will go WAAY farther than you

I don't think that bragging about ap calc was the point. I believe it was only mentioned because it's the reason op was so bummed about screwing up the math. I also think, that your life effing suck, which is why you're so sensitive about people bragging, when really they're just mentioning a class they're taking. sorry, and fyl for being such a DB.

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are you kidding? are you saying that just because OP made a simple arithmetic mistake that they are deemed to a life with a mundane job forever? that's stupid. EVERYONE is human, and humans make mistakes. that's just how it is. I've made that same mistake countless times, and I'm a math major. the higher you go in math, the more mistakes are made with basic arithmetic. sounds like you haven't gone high enough in math to know that

trolling on the internet is as far as you're going to get.

Doesn't the cash register tell you how much change to give? You may want to reconsider your major if reading 4 (four) numbers on a screen is confusing.

I guess it's a little annoying that she got mad, but don't go on about how smart you are, you still got it wrong.

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Why were you out of the kitchen? I thought it was a known fact that women have difficulties in the maths. A cashier, of all things, would not have been at the top of my recommendations.

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Sexist comments ceased being funny a while back. You just look like a dumbass.

Ummmm how do you know it's not a dude?? Dumbass

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Did I miss the part where it says OP is female? It's not a fact that females have difficulty with maths. Its more that teachers tend to call on male students more often. Many of the schools I went to had female valedictorians.

xundria 5

Actually that happens to a lot of people... The more advance the math they take is, the more they seem to have trouble on the simple stuff.