By Rosie - 13/06/2012 16:07 - Germany - Wesel

Today, I woke up to the sight of my boyfriend playing a game on my iPhone with his penis. FML
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13- Obviously op's boy friend is not not 6...-.-He's clearly 7. :D

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Your boyfriend is a champion, he deserves a medal.

LoganBurrito 6

******* GENIUS. Wish I had a penis... Guess I'll have to use my nipple :(

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You can play on my phone. Lol nipple W!N

Well, I've known people to try and use their noses and elbows on their touch screen phones, he just chose a different appendage, so I'm not gonna call him 6 for it. If anything I'll call him an ass because I hadn't thought of this before him! And since 34 mentioned it, I can't believe the comments basically calling him immature and a child, if it was something about a girl using her nipple everyone would be like, "awesome!" or if they were a pervy guy, "that's hot, can I watch?"

Then you force him to lick the screen of your phone ;) just to take revenge

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64 that comment is only appropriate if you modded this with your penis.

#13 I'm not sure of a six year old would have that much control over his penis.

67 there is something called "a joke" You should search it up

I'm surprised how many people HAVEN'T used their phones with their penis.

ly0ntamer 1

I'm more concerned that OP is seeing someone that doesn't have an iPhone. You dating beneath you!! YDI!

36- well played pedo bear.... Well played.

130, not all apps are cross platform on phones. Two that come to mind are Valor and Thumb (previously known as opinioned). I'm sure there are other. Unless of course you would go so far as to say I am "beneath you" for having a droid and not an iphone.

67, if you find THAT comment sick then this site really isn't for you -.-

ChickInGreenVans 12

Seemed like he he lacked a stylus. Stylus: for a more accurate game of Drawsomething.

That's how you get 3 stars in angry birds!!

I sometimes type with my nipples but Imma have to try that!

xoconnie 8

56 - you just took it too far man..

Fingers?? Pshh... Who needs those things?

And she still used her iPhone to submit this...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If my boyfriend did that, I would laugh sooo hard.... Honestly I think your bf has a nice sense of humor ;)

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4-you understand men now :p 103-we are comfortable with our current evolutionary spot tyvm

Ha until you see all the white staining on your phone afterwards. Haha.

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Ahh Hahahaha this has 69 thumbs up:) hahaha

I'd think it was funny too… as long as it wasn't my phone.

amiritelol 3

At least he wasn't playing with your ****** with his penis,

sinking_fish 12

Uhm, no? That'd be a bad thing, why?

amiritelol 3

Because she was asleep...

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I would assume girls haven't tried this lol

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i text with my nipple._. yeah i know im wierd :(

I think this FML just gave all males a new idea o.O

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I haven't. And 93, you lie! Pix or it didn't happen!

93! I've tried that, but only because there was an FML about it XD

A female friend of mine does this...I think it's cool

It's not really that hard No pun intended

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Dude, that is amazing. I would probably piss myself if that happened to me. X3

bizarre_ftw 21

What about that would make you want to get drunk?

112- there was nothing there about getting drunk... Just urination resulting from the hilarity of it all. :/

141, I'm guessing 112 is from england where "piss" means drunk. Never really understood why, but, "I'm pissed" = "I'm drunk."