By ihatebeingacashier - 11/07/2016 21:06

Today, I handed a middle-aged woman her change of $0.75 with three quarters. She looked at the change bewildered and threw the coins down, asking if she thought I could get away with only giving her thirty cents. I had to explain to her how much a quarter is worth. FML
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It amazes me how some people get through life with so little knowledge.

Perhaps OP is neglecting to mention if the woman appeared to be from a different country where their ten cent piece is similar in look and/or size to our quarter?


It amazes me how some people get through life with so little knowledge.

I might be failing a grade just because of one class!!! FML

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Did you not get published or something..? What a random and irrelevant thing to say.

Perhaps OP is neglecting to mention if the woman appeared to be from a different country where their ten cent piece is similar in look and/or size to our quarter?

Ie the UK where 10p looks very much like a US quarter.

Either that, or the woman has some early-onset dementia.

I don't know american currency, but I'm pretty sure most coins have their value stamped into their design?

yeah but it's not easy or quick to read you just have to know what a quart er looks like and how big it is fortunately for American coins size is important the smaller the cheaper okay except for the nickel and the dime lady probably thought you were giving her $0.15 in change 3 nickels

Even if the person was foreign isn't an excuse. The OP is complaining because the person got mad and accused him/her of trying to short-change her, rather than simply asking. I used to work at a Toys R Us in a city that has a mall right by an international airport and less than 15 minutes from the border. We would have plenty of customers from Mexico. Some of them were not familiar with American currency. However, the vast majority wouldn't get upset at me, or make accusations, rather they would ask what denomination various coins were, to ensure that they gave me the amount required and/or receive the correct change. Quite a few would surprisingly hand me a handful of bills and coins and ask me to just get out the necessary amount. I would of course still say what denomination each bill/coin was and have them verify it to make sure I didn't miscount, but there never was a problem of the nature that OP had.

No, on the coin, it just says "Quarter Dollar" with the Capitol or the White House (not sure)

I'm not American but even I realise that a quarter of a dollar is 0.25 which means 4 quarters make up a dollar. I haven't seen your coins to know if dimes and quarters look similar but I have had a similar experience with 0.20c and 0.50c coins after they were made smaller but I still double checked before complaining

Dimes are much smaller than quarters, in fact they are our smallest circulated coin.

You should add this to :D Some customers man, I swear.....

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Maybe she lived in Australia or New Zealand for a while. Over here, a ten cent piece is about the size and colour of a US quarter.

you're neglecting the fact that every quarter has its value stamped on it so this lady should have checked before getting angry. besides not like it's hard to check there was only three coins that are identical

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A US quarter has its value written on it. It would have taken her 10 seconds to find it.

I second #12. I'm from Australia and found US money to be very confusing! I'd just give the cashier a palm-full of coins and tell them pick the correct ones out.

The coins are easy though. All are pretty different in size and even texture. I would guess that this woman has early onset dementia or something because most people wouldn't honestly be that stupid.

Hi, OP here! First off, I don't believe the customer was from a foreign country because she didn't have an accent whatsoever. Second, I was becoming frustrated because this lady had paid for all of her groceries (which came out to around sixty-something bucks) in dollar bills. Normally, this wouldn't irritate me at all because I don't mind how you pay for your things, as long as you do. However, this woman was getting annoyed at how long it was taking me to count all of her money. She would keep tapping her nails against the counter and rolling her eyes. I was relieved when I counted all her money and gave her the change, hoping that I could finally bag her items and help the next customer. Nope, she threw the coins onto the ground out of anger and this was when I had to show her coins and explain to her how much each one was worth. She became flustered and gave me a half-assed apology, but I still had to help her pick up the quarters which had rolled away to other lanes. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and wishing her the best for whatever reason she forgot how much American coins are worth.

Sorry you had to go through that, OP. Congrats on not losing your temper!

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Stupid ppl never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!

Is she familiar with Is currency? Maybe she couldn't see.