By CmS_1733 - 11/02/2016 18:59 - United States - Pottsville

Today, after long day at work, I stopped by my parents' house to say hi. After 30 minutes into the visit, my dad turns to me and asks, "Did you really have to stop by while I was balls deep?" Apparently I interrupted my parents' sex time. FML
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cebsvt 14

Don't come knockin when the trailer's rockin


Isn't it usually the other way around?

You don't know how freaky older adults get when their children leave the nest. Bless your parents OP!

It's not like you could've known, unless you decided to call them. Oh well, OP, at least you didn't actually see him 'balls deep' with your mum.

cebsvt 14

Don't come knockin when the trailer's rockin

Should've left immediately, if they're still getting action you don't want to stop that

I would've high-fived my dad then leave if he said this to me. Love that couples keep their passion alive after many, many years.

deathstroke990 22

there's a difference between keeping passion alive and saying gross unnecessary things to your children. I mean I doubt he says stuff like that abt his sex life to his parents

Well I happen to have a very open relationship with both my parents and we are all blunt people. On top of that, we are all adults and I wouldn't get offended or creeped out if my dad expressed he wanted alone time with my mom. If I were to see it, that's another story.

#11, That prude mentality dies when you play a game of Cards Against Humanity with your whole family and learn that your 65 ywar old dad is sick and twisted.

Ah, Cards Against Humanity. It's like a twisted therapy session for the whole family.

My question is why did your dad feel the need to bring it up at all...

Maybe Op didn't get an earlier hint that he was interrupting something so his father had to put it more bluntly?

Because he wanted to get back into the action. A hint for OP to leave.

there are certain things you don't need to say, this is one of them

I guess from now on you'll be ringing first before dropping by...