By CmS_1733 - United States - Pottsville
  Today, after long day at work, I stopped by my parents' house to say hi. After 30 minutes into the visit, my dad turns to me and asks, "Did you really have to stop by while I was balls deep?" Apparently I interrupted my parents' sex time. FML
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  deathstroke990  |  22

there's a difference between keeping passion alive and saying gross unnecessary things to your children. I mean I doubt he says stuff like that abt his sex life to his parents

  cheeeksss  |  29

Well I happen to have a very open relationship with both my parents and we are all blunt people. On top of that, we are all adults and I wouldn't get offended or creeped out if my dad expressed he wanted alone time with my mom. If I were to see it, that's another story.

  tomvertigo  |  17

#11, That prude mentality dies when you play a game of Cards Against Humanity with your whole family and learn that your 65 ywar old dad is sick and twisted.