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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I didn't call her in the last few days. I tried to explain to her that I was out at my grandfather's house in a remote place with no cell service to stand by him on his death bed. She thought I was making excuses and called me a lying bastard. FML
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  kewlcat  |  0

he probably makes excuses alot though, i can understand why she could be mad.
some people like to make bizzare excuses.

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  iris85_fml  |  0

Why didn't you tell your girlfriend where you would be in the first place? I would be sure to let people I care about know where I'd be if I would be in a situation where I could not contact anyone.

  diet_otaku  |  0

it sucks that she didn't believe you (though i wonder why she would have cause not to believe you, maybe you make excuses a lot?), but you really should have let her know you were going to be gone. even a simple text to say "grandpa's dying, i'll be away for a few days with no cell service." if she's anything like me, after not hearing from you for a few days and having no idea why you might not be available, she probably started to think the worst and worried that you were lying dead in a ditch somewhere, and felt like you were discounting her feelings by not letting her know ahead of time that you were leaving town.

  IamSpartacus  |  0

#98 - Maybe he didn't know if he would have no cell service. Most people don't even think ahead that far, he probably didn't even think much of it, as he would only be gone a couple of days. Being a girlfriend, she should have trusted him more, and wouldn't instantly assume that he was lying.

  babybarb  |  0

You still should've called and told her beforehand, even if you didn't know there would be no service there. You could've easily sent her a text or given a call on the way. Your poor girlfriend must've been freaking out all those days. She has every right to be mad.

By  rachelbrianna25  |  0

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  GelatinFemur  |  0

Agreed with #27. At the same time, i might be WORRIED about my boyfriend if I didn't hear from him for a few days and tried to call him. I might be mad that he made me worry for all of two seconds until I found out the reason. Then I'd treat him to dinner or something and try to ease his mourning in any way I could. I wouldn't break UP with him over his mind being on his dead/dying grandfather.

It would have been a good idea to maybe send her a text, but again, I cannot blame the OP for being 100% focused on someone who won't be in his life much longer versus someone who SHOULD be there for him in his time of sadness. If you took pictures of your grandfather, you should give her proof, just to show her she's a bitch, then leave her.