America, **** yeah

By BrazilianGal - 12/08/2021 02:01

Today, a lady at the clothing store told me to, “Stop speaking 'Mexicano', this is America!” when I was talking on the phone. I actually speak Portuguese. When I pointed this out, she verbally tortured me and threatened to, “Call the cops” if I didn’t leave her store for, “making her feel threatened.” FML
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I don’t speak Spanish nor Portuguese, and I can tell the difference. Also, OP shouldn’t need to cater to people when having a conversation that doesn’t include them. That’s absolutely insane. And doing so just shows the “Karen’s” that they’re right.

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She's an ignorant racist bitch. I'm sorry you had to put up with such crap.


You did threaten to explode her pea brain. She thinks Mexicans speak Mexicano and not Spanish. You're not from Portugal, so you should have explained you were speaking Brazilish (or Brazilese.)

randybryant799 20

She's an ignorant racist bitch. I'm sorry you had to put up with such crap.

Sinto muito e peço desculpas em nome de nosso país pelas racistas e idiotas que tem aqui. My wife is Brazilian and we regularly speak on the phone in Portuguese since it's easier for her to understand, especially over the phone. Fortunately I've never had problems with it here, nor has she. But I'd basically look em in the eye and say, I'm an American and I can ******* speak whatever language I want, and I'm happy to call the police and see what they have to say to you about harassment. Sorry that happened to you. Seja bem-vinda aqui.

These are the kinds of people I want to speak French in front of to see if they say anything about me speaking “Mexican.” They’re just xenophobic.

Apologies that you had to deal with such a disgusting creature, OP. These assholes seem to think "free speech" means they can say whatever they want, to whomever they want. And Chazzster, you are an embarrassment to the human race, not just America. If it were within my power, I'd have you exiled to Ilha de Queimada Grande, and then laugh at you as you struggle to escape your inevitable demise. I award you all the thumbs down votes in the known universe, and may God condemn your soul to eternal damnation. Same goes for you, Brightside86. The two of you have said some of the most ignorant things I've ever seen on this site, and that's saying something. Don't go deleting these comments because you've been called out on your stupidity, by the way. Instead, apologize, and try to be better.

We all have opinions. If we all thought the same way life would be boring. I do not expect us all to have the same opinion - Differences of opinion are normal and OK. I feel like you did not understand the intent of my original comment and responded in anger to things I have not ever done, nor would I ever do. I would appreciate it if instead of just reacting out of anger you tried to understand what I actually posted. I have made a new post that tried to better explain what I was trying to communicate. I hope that is more understandable.

"Let me provide you with some education, my friend. Do you know how they call the place where everybody speaks English? It's called England. Have you ever seen the fireworks on July 4? Just for your information, the United States of America declared independence from England on July 4 1776 so nobody has to speak English anymore if they don't want to. And if you have any problems with that, you can pack your bags and go to England for good. Now shut up your face unless you want ME to call the Homeland Security and report your unpatriotic behavior". That's how I would respond to that "lady". There is no chance she understands the sarcasm, but who cares? Just for lulz.

I am sorry that the lady at the clothing store harassed OP for speaking Portuguese on her cell phone and that this person knew so little about the languages used in this hemisphere. I have had friends from other countries who had immigrated to the United States. I have traveled to a handful of foreign countries (on business) and understand how difficult it is to get around sometimes. I have also lived in multiple states in the USA and know a little something about having to make a new life with my family in a new place. Believe me, I have admiration and sympathy for foreigners speaking a different language than their birth language and just trying to create a new life here. I know a little Spanish (I am by no means competent at it) and I admire someone who is able to not only learn a new language but also to fit into a new country and culture well enough to earn a living and take care of their family and loved ones. And I know that is what most immigrants want to do. Unfortunately we all carry our “baggage” of past experiences, fears, and irritations. For some people hearing a person speaking a language they do not understand (and possibly seeing them look at you at the same time) is like an “ink blot” psychological test. They might interpret it as “threatening” if they are insecure. They might think they are being made fun of if they have self-esteem issues. Obviously the lady in the clothing store responded inappropriately and inexcusably and doubled down by threatening to call the police when OP apparently wouldn’t be bullied into compliance. I am not in any respect defending the lady in the store - I am trying to explain why some people might react inappropriately. Obviously OP had every right to speak on her phone in any language she chose. What I did try to suggest however, is that in these highly polarized times, OP might want to consider minimizing doing that when in close quarters such as a small store to avoid potential negative reactions that an ignorant and prejudiced person might have in misinterpreting a conversation they overhear but do not understand. Just because you have a right to do something does not always mean it’s the best choice at that time. That was meant as a suggestion - Not as a limitation or judgement on what a bilingual person can or should do. Frankly I was shocked that so many people reacted so negatively to what I had posted before on this subject. I came to realize that I might have been misunderstood as to my intentions. Even more likely however, I realized that I might simply be a lightning rod that attracts the reactions from people who might have experienced, or witnessed, something like OP posted. I certainly did not mean to imply that I sympathized with the “Karen” who had so inappropriately reacted to OP.

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I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that racist piece of trash.