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Today, while at work I passed out due to my blood sugar not being normal. Despite the fact that it took 10 minutes to wake me, no one thought I was in any sort of danger. After the episode, I then got fired for "sleeping on the job." FML
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Shouldn't your coworkers know you have diabetes?

Sucks to have low blood sugar issues. I once passed out shoveling snow, due to blood sugar, off my drive way and nearly froze to death so FYL


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Appeal it?? rather sue their asses

u should sue their asses for firing u bc of medical reasons

Shouldn't your coworkers know you have diabetes?

coworkers will have thought that he dozed off and just let him sleep. I'll thought that he is sleeping too. Go explain yourself

Yeah did you hear about that guy who was left dead in his chair at his desk for three days? Apparently all of his co-workers just thought that he was being "a hard worker" getting in early and staying late. They only found out because of the smell.

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Sucks to have low blood sugar issues. I once passed out shoveling snow, due to blood sugar, off my drive way and nearly froze to death so FYL

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It sucks to have blood sugar problems. I myself have hypoglycemia and not a lot of people seem to understand it. FYL indeed OP.

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Did you even explain yourself? Or did they just not give a crap? I agree, your life sucks.

Don't be a damn fool about it. That's clearly unfair dismissal. Take it to the labour court

Or Judge Judy! Or Judge Alex! Or Judge Joe Brown! Or that guy from Eye For An Eye!

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If you had a legitimate low blood sugar from your diabetes I'm pretty sure that under the Disability Rights Laws they cannot fire you based on an illness caused problem. Go here... But I don't know if I would want to work at a company that would be so quick to dismiss your medical issues.

Certain jobs its better you not tell them about medical things. My mom worked at Co-op, she was top employee then she told them that she had MS and they fired her in the spot i dont blame you for keeping it to yourself if you did. Since it seems like you did. But that just means you should pay more attention to your blood sugar levels. FYL forsure

WOW did she do anything about it? That's AWFUL

If there wasn't a contract saying that they could do that and your mom didn't do anything about it then she's pretty dumb. Same with OP. Unless the company has some written policy in your contract (or whatever the equivalent would be) saying they can fire you for having diabetes then you should sue the **** out of those bitches. You'd get more money than just asking for your job back ;)

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That ******* sucks. I'm anemic and that's happened to me a few times. I remember I blacked out and almost in the middle of the street on vacation and my mom was like, "Don't ruin my vacation." Thanks ma