By Anonymous - 09/11/2013 01:46 - United States - Blythe

Today, a woman accused me of bullying her son, and said that she is going to get me fired. Her son is a 27-year-old teacher at my school, whom I disciplined for showing up drunk. FML
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You should get a restraining order against her. She's clearly out of her mind.


You should get a restraining order against her. She's clearly out of her mind.

No wonder her son drinks with a mother like that.

FYL, but isn't he allowed to drink? He's older than 21.

Of course he's allowed to drink, I don't think that was the issue. However showing up to teach student well intoxicated may be a slight issue. Not many jobs are all over you coming to work drunk regardless of if you legally can drink.

Yes he's allowed to drink. Doesn't mean he should show up to a teaching job, drunk....

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I mean, he showed up to teach kids while he was drunk. fire his ass op.

In some counties, like the one in which I work, you can't be fired for showing up drunk if you admit to having a problem. The county will then send you to get treatment. Then, if you don't go, you can be fired.

michaelaranda 28

ops in the us. you can get fired for showing up drunk.

Teachers union in California helped a teacher retire and get his FULL benefits after frosting cookies with his sperm and feeding them to the kids. Showing up drunk isn't even a big deal to them

That is beyond messed up #51. I would like to know what possessed that man to do such a thing in the first place.

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Google."Mark Berndt". A very sick perverse bastard. He fed them his semen on plastic spoons as well while they were blindfolded and he also allowed cockroaches to crawl on their faces as well in addition to the semen-coated cookies.

Wow, I hope that by "discipline" you mean "fire", it sounds like this teacher isn't all that grown up himself!

he's clearly a mummy's boy still if he needs her to come fight his battles for him.

or for that matter, you should be fired for not firing him! xD

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Mommy is mad because you put her little boy I'm timeout.

Her son really needs to man up, stop running to mommy to fight his battles, and sober up.

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Wow. I hope you at least suspended him or something. "Disciplined" doesn't sound like a harsh enough word here.

Would you prefer spank? I'd prefer spank. I bet if his mother did that he'd be sober in class.

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How dare you discipline that poor man for doing what he loves!!! You're so unprofessional!

Usually, when either they or the son dies. Usually.... Some show up at the Long Island Medium's house like, "can you delivery a message to my son?"

Mums are pretty cool, except when they go a bit psycho like the mother OP had to deal with. By the way... What on earth is Long Island medium house?

It's a show. She communicates with those passed on.

you mean they claim to communicate with them.

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I'm not sure what exactly is meant by "discipline", but that teacher should've been fired - especially if he was drunk in front of the kids. As for his mother, I fail to see how her threats could be anything but completely empty - she is not in any position of power over you.