By saraleerocha - France
Today, I was cashier at work. The line came to a stop, but there was still people there. I kept saying next, but no one moved. I finally looked over the counter where there was a lady who had been standing there the whole time. She was a midget. FML
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  FLCL4711Fox  |  0

you should've stared her in the face and said "oh, I'm sorry! we don't serve your kind here. NEXT!" and when she tried to be cool and say "I'm gonna be the bigger person here" you could interrupt her and be like "you could clearly never do that"

of course I'm assuming you don't want your job anymore.

  chloec16  |  0

because being a midget would suck. but I guess if you were a midget you wouldve learned by now that she sometimes can't be seen behind large things haha