By Anonymous - United States - Naperville
Today, my towel was stolen at the swimming pool. I quickly found the culprit, and to avoid a conflict, I just swiped it back when he wasn't looking. I felt pretty good about everything, until I got back home and realized it wasn't actually my towel after all. FML
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By  katieemerr  |  15

Oh no! Easy mistake to make though OP. I hope you gave it back..

  katieemerr  |  15

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  Mauskau  |  35

Life guards are supposed to watch the pool incase someone is in danger, if they spent their time watching to see if there are any towel thieves around there would be more serious cases in pools.

  acerredrum  |  23

Actually their job is to watch the entire pool area, not just the water, for dangerous behavior as well. If people are rough housing around the water or running around the pool the life guard is suppose to stop them as a preventive measure.