By Anonymous - 30/06/2014 16:19 - United States - Naperville

Today, my towel was stolen at the swimming pool. I quickly found the culprit, and to avoid a conflict, I just swiped it back when he wasn't looking. I felt pretty good about everything, until I got back home and realized it wasn't actually my towel after all. FML
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So you left that poor guy high and dry? Well, maybe not dry...

you couldve just asked him if he picked yours up on accident..


Oh no! Easy mistake to make though OP. I hope you gave it back..

Um, how's she supposed to find the "culprit" again?

thumbed down for comment or duck face?

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43s comment was duckface repellent!

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and for the record if you're a sensitive person, this site is probably not recomended for you.

So is it only acceptable to make fun of someone's appearance if they're doing the duck face on this site?

pretty much. if you haven't seen all the gifs or memes of duck face yet, look it up.

That's horrible, being a keyboard warrior is just pathetic

#43 it's still pretty f'd up to judge or make fun of someones appearance. Why should it matter where? It's never ok to be a cyber bully.

No matter who you are or what you look like, you should be able to enjoy this site to the same degree as everyone else without having to worry about being judged.

So you left that poor guy high and dry? Well, maybe not dry...

Don't leave me hiiiiiigh Don't leave me dryyyy Oh radiohead

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What if he was the one that stole his own towel...

aw no way this comment is better than mine.

Don't make assumptions. You'll make an ass of yourself.

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It's don't assume things you'll make an ass of u and me

might wanna make sure it's actually your towel next time... YDI.

As if this happens to OP all the time.

Actually, Crofty, it's the third time this week. I think it's the Egyptian cotton that makes OP's towels so damn steal-able.

you couldve just asked him if he picked yours up on accident..

You're right but if he had said "no" OP would have thought he was lying (even though the guy wasn't). *Fight breaks out*

i don't think people would fight over a towel tho seems a little over the top

#37 You're right. OP could've ended up with a black eye.

#42 I think you give people too much credit

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It's a towel, OP. A lot of people are going to have the same one as you...

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I hope u gave it back to the poor guy !

At least you didn't get caught wet-handed.

I don't even know where to start with how bad this comment was...

wow. no one appreciates a dad joke. lighten up.

Poor guy. Next time ask the life guards if they have seen who took it.

Life guards are supposed to watch the pool incase someone is in danger, if they spent their time watching to see if there are any towel thieves around there would be more serious cases in pools.

acerredrum 23

Actually their job is to watch the entire pool area, not just the water, for dangerous behavior as well. If people are rough housing around the water or running around the pool the life guard is suppose to stop them as a preventive measure.

they're still not watching for which towel belongs to whom

It's towel.. Must of obviously been a replaceable towel if you were so quick to be fooled that it was yours. Just next time, be more mature.