By MegaBear - 15/06/2011 05:46 - United States

Today, I watched my boss try to stick a magnet to cardboard. FML
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MegaBear tells us more.

Boss wasn't playing around. I did find it amusing and sad at the same time that they are my boss...

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fucking magnets, how do they work?

MyDixiNormous 0

Poor magnet will never live up to his expectations.


scullster 0


Makes you wonder what he tries to stick his penis in.

eminemchick 19

as epic mealtime would say. "smart!"xD

noto_fml 0

no, not shady at all

How is he a boss?

Well then OP, a pay rise shouldn't be too hard to get out of him.

yeah just show him how a magnet works. it totally screams promotion!! hah

stop watching your boss and do your job

show him how magnets a boss

"Listen here, noob."

Today, my favorite magnet broke. FML ;(

is he a juggalo?

mygreenhoodie 0

fuckin' smart.

Show him how to use his dick then you will get a promotion

mandipandi30 0

122-what's a juggalo?!

Yo fuck Magneto, join the x-men they got a nicer crib

it's spelled jigglalo....

stupidity should be punishable by death. this should be a universal law set for every country.

IHeartJimi02 0

194, your thinking of gigolo not jiggalo. There is such a person called a juggalo.

But then everyone would DIE

Temi25 6

was there a thumbtack?

doesn't matter what he was doing as long as he did it LIKE A BOSS!!!

WTF there is a real Micheal Scott 0.o

OP, is your boss a Mormon?

MeBeYourFriend 0

OP, What kind of job are you working at? Cuz i can understand if its a Mental instute or an Aslyum, but i cant see any otrher "boss" sticking magnets to cardboard

I thought the FML said "midget".

Why is your boss playing around?

Science, woman!

And he fails it obviously. :)

whats so FML-ish in his story? the one that should be writing this is the boss cos someone saw his stupidy.

i meant *stupidity

hes a boss he can try to stick a magnet to his penis if he wants

you should've asked him what he was doin, lol

fucking magnets, how do they work?

aw damn beat me to the joke.

Eggers 2


the boss is a mormon!

undisclosed2600 2

Very carefully.

bwahaha! I was afraid someone would beat me to this, but apparently in invincible.

I was laughing about this one before I opened the comments.

I was laughing about this one before I opened the comments.

#6 evildoll thats. hilarious hahhahaha

MyDixiNormous 0

Poor magnet will never live up to his expectations.

T9FTW 20

I burst out laughing at your username!

vanquish83 0

Bosses are always right but some make a fool out of themself. Either u laugh or smile at them. I perfer laugh out loud.....

I prefer to creepy stare at them until they give me a raise

Give you a raise for being creepy & staring? More like fire you for being a weirdo..

I "perfer" correct punctuation... just saying ;)

pretty damn stupid. I'm not gonna show my face here for at least... an hour or two

Cool lets see what he does with a staple gun :D

He uses it to apply sellotape, obviously.

Capt_Oblivious 10

Hopefully he'll apply his toupee with it, that's the best way to do it after all, keeps it in place with no fear of slippage.

lolol, without dumb people, there wouldn't be anything to laugh at.

If he's dumb enough to try that he'll be dumb enough to be persuaded to give OP a raise...

DarkHelmet 10

I agree with you both!!

well if most peiple become dumb... would we laugh at the smart people

That's one smart cookie.