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Today, I was at my friend's Bar Mitzvah. After he finished his long-winded speech, I sarcastically did the mockingjay sign from the Hunger Games. It took a couple of seconds before I realized how that looked, and a couple more for me to be shouted down and kicked out. FML
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flashback.miss 28

why would you do the hunger games salute at a bar mitzvah anyway?

This is a you deserve it all the way. Mazel tov to your friend.


This is a you deserve it all the way. Mazel tov to your friend.

I agree, OP deserves it. Think before you act..

He did nazi the problem until it was jew late

SaharaZinc 14

Goes to show that he should think before he acts.

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Its a song but not the right time or place for it.

@22 it means the down votes he'll be getting.

iAmPaul 49

22 - Basically another way of saying "That escalated quickly."

Why the **** would he get kicke... Oh now I get it! I'm so stupid!

flashback.miss 28

why would you do the hunger games salute at a bar mitzvah anyway?

friends usually have little code things. maybe this was one

sorry for not remembering what something's called.

It's a sign of love/respect in the hunger games, and can be used in a situation where applause might otherwise be expected

What does it mean ( I'm hopelessly sheltered, sorry)?

Uh oh.. It resembles the nazi army salute. D'OH.

KVKdragon 26

The Hunger Games salute is an old time gesture only used for special circumstances. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means goodbye to someone you love

#10 I have an inkling that #5 has not read or seen the HG and therefore has no clue what the Mockingjay salute entails (D'UH!)

The three finger salute from the Hunger Games, it means thanks, it means admiration, it means good bye to someone you love. A bar mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony however, and op just looked like he was doing the Nazi salut.

I did not read all of this correctly. Down vote myself

KVKdragon 26

Why did my comment get so many down votes? I answered the question correctly without saying anything else...

trellz17 19

That was an idiotic move but I'm not sure why you were kicked out.

doraaa01 7

Because Bar Mitzvah's are respectful and religious ? By doing something like this, even as a joke, at an important event is still disrespectful.

trellz17 19

Don't use religion as an excuse. Those people overreacted.

also it probably looked like he made a kind of "hail hitler" sign

don't use religion as an excuse? you are aware that a bah mitzvah is a religious event right? and a sign that appears to be hailing Hitler at a Jewish event would be cause to get kicked out

You blind or something dude? It's a religious event, making a sign directly against people of that religion AND ETHNICITY (YES Jewish is an ethnicity) then it's inappropriate!

"appears" that maybe the other attendees were overly sensitive about long lost relatives

Wait. Why is the hunger game symbol bad enough to elicit that response?

It resembles the nazi salute:

Oh wow I had never noticed that before. Why have people not made a bigger deal about the movies and books than? Seems like something that would anger people.

Because it looks nothing like the nazi salute... But if you're that worried about it, might I suggest you never raise your arm to eye level in public? That is in essence all the nazi salute is...

MzZombicidal 36

#30, that is not all the Nazi salute is. Do you really know what it is? An awful symbol to Jewish people and the like who suffered under such horrible ruling. Especially to the older generation (or current, whatever) who are unaware of The Hunger Games and the true meaning of the salute OP was actually trying to imitate.

No 35 you misunderstand, I wasn't commenting on the symbolism behind the nazi salute, just the physical aspect of it. In the hunger games, they raise a hand with three fingers up and the index and thumb curled in toward the palm. A nazi salute is all fingers extended upward, held at eye level. It is in essence just raising your hand. They are in no way similar... But I suppose that you may have a point about older generations, though I don't see it myself.

#60 You had the description as thumb and index finger down, but that isn't right. The District 12 sign is for respect and admiration. Going by the book you take your left hand and with your thumb and pinky finger down, press the three middle fingers on your lips and then point your hand in the direction of the person. It doesn't necessarily have to be held just like the Nazi salute (which is the right hand), the movie just uses the right hand and portrays it that way, but in the book it is left hand only.

It's a Bar Mitzvah why the hell would you do the MockingJay sign aka the Nazi sign. YDI

the mockingjay sign is not the same thing as the nazi sign...