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By he's a dawk, and a cunt - 05/07/2013 22:29 - Australia - Darling Point

Today, my boyfriend and I went to my parents' barbecue. He knew my family is extremely religious, so what did he do? Called for silence to make an announcement, namely: "God isn't real." Cue a riot that ended in us being kicked out and me all but disowned for "putting him up to it". FML
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If he can't respect your family (and their religious beliefs) enough to be polite, he isn't worth your time.

Hm, I can't tell who's worse. It's either your boyfriend or your parents. Also, if your boyfriend is an atheist, good luck having Christmas with your parents and him.


Hm, I can't tell who's worse. It's either your boyfriend or your parents. Also, if your boyfriend is an atheist, good luck having Christmas with your parents and him.

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50, you can't judge a person by their beliefs..

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yeah but if they're not willing to accept the other's family the way they are, then they're totally not worth it.

No but you can judge them by how they respect yours...

I'm Atheists and I celebrate Yule gladly. Give me all the free stuff! But I just try to ignore religious stuff and don't call it "Christmas."

There's nothing wrong with what the boyfriend did. God isn't real.

I'm with 63. I'm atheist and don't associate Christmas with any of the religious stuff, but instead with family, friends, and vacation. It's by far my favorite time of year.

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I'm not bashing Christians as a whole, I'm just saying as individual people the parents are worst. They "hold" themselves to the standard of being, as OP said, extremely religious. They should be aware that people don't believe God exists. I know it was extremely rude of the boyfriend to make it such a big announcement, but the parents should have been the bigger person in living up to their beliefs, unless of course the parent received Gods message that he should start a fight ;)

Dude, Christians know that there are people out there who don't believe in god. However, for someone to deliberately go out of their way to say something like the ops boyfriend did is not only rude but disrespectful of her parents and other people's beliefs. Mocking others for their beliefs isn't ok when its done by atheists but not ok by Christians.

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Christmas nowadays is the holiday of capitalitic consumerism, having absolutely nothing to do with religion, so it's ok.

#79 Sure it is, because one view is correct, and the other believes is an omnipotent magic sky fairy..

I would like to see how the wedding reception would go years from now

If he can't respect your family (and their religious beliefs) enough to be polite, he isn't worth your time.

If they're anything like the freaks who hold up "god hates fags" signs and protest outside abortion clinics, then I'd do the same thing

#15, yeah those picket signs people are insane, but some famous person (I forget! Woops!) said something along the lines of "Don't argue with stupid people. They'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." No use arguing with zealots.

I am an atheist, but would never question someone's views. The only time I even talk about religion with my peers or Christian family is when it was the cause of a war or we see something like a "god hates fags" sign. It's people like op's boyfriend that makes us all look bad.

I agree. Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't mean you have to be a total asshole. I don't consider myself religious at all but as long as people aren't using religion as a method of oppression, I see no problem in it.

Westboro Baptist Church is the group responsible for sentiments such as "God hates fags" and "Thank God for dead soldiers." But you're right, we shouldn't judge others on their beliefs.................

87 - Oh, please. Give the WBC some credit for being thundercunts of their own volition. They're asshats using hate tactics to bring in publicity, money, etcetera and if they didn't have their religion to justify it they'd find something else.

The thing is, there is no 'atheist handbook' that advocates the type of bigotry the WBC espouses. However, all the stuff about their sky fairy hating gays can be found in the bible, and Christians try to gloss it over. The bible is full of hateful passages, even though there are some good bits, but many Christians prefer to ignore them, or pretend they are being 'interpreted wrong'. It's a good thing it's just a bunch of made-up stories.

True Christians don't pull that crap. And I think ur being very disrespectful but calling it a fairy tale considering everything about evolution contradicts something else in science. Plus the Bible isn't a hateful book. U can hate sin, but not people, and I wouldn't call that a bad thing.

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Definitely FYL. I'm not one of those people who are obsessed with religion (actually, I don't really know what I believe in), but even I think that was pretty disrespectful of him and warrants a serious talk with him.

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And his behavior, completely aware how religious they are, is acceptable?

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You can't blame him for interrupting a nice, family barbecue to announce to an extremely religious family that God isn't real? I'm not religious and even I would be pissed at someone being so incredibly rude!

They reacted too harshly? Not only was it rude as the previous comments stated but, its THEIR house. The boyfriend came over to their house. When you're at someone elses house you respect their rules. That was very rude. People that start shit will eventually mess with the wrong person and get.knocked the **** out. ;-)

Lack of respect for your family and their beliefs.....get rid of him. That's a big no.

I would agree with this except I don't know whether or not OPs family would respect the boyfriend's lack of belief. Respect is a two way street

It could of been he was being pushed on what he believed or family trying to convert him before this. Though I agree he went to far.

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You were going to have to choose sides one day anyways.

Not really, I can't see any reason why the two is them can't have an interreligious relationship. Unless of course OPs boyfriend continues to be so intolerant.

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That's a big problem. If OP's family is extremely religious and he can't accept it, then there will be a lot of major problems with OP's family in that relationship. However, if it was an isolated incident and he was 'just kidding around,' OP will probably just have a 'talk' with him.

And why does everyone seem to assume one has to get on with one's in-laws for a relationship to work?

Atheists who go around preaching that God doesn't exist are just as bad as Christians who go around shoving religion down people's throats. Please can we all just live our lives and believe what we want to believe. Your boyfriend was looking for a fight. I don't understand why he would want to upset the parents of someone he cares about.

Exactly! People should just respect others. I don't understand people!

I totally agree. Unless someone specifically asks or your in a philosophical/religious conversation, I don't think you should share. And even then, you shouldn't be as blunt and blatant as OP's boyfriend. It's just rude.

Amen! And I don't even appreciate puns...