I'm in this FML and I don't like it

By Anonymous - 23/06/2022 06:00

Today, my son has decided he doesn’t want children, or pets, or friends, or a girlfriend, or to visit his living relatives, except for me. I’m scared that once I’m dead he’ll disappear into his house and never come out until the neighbours notice the smell after he’s dead. FML
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Sounds alot like Richard Pencil! No offense if you are reading this


Sounds alot like Richard Pencil! No offense if you are reading this

What? I have a child and a dog and I visit my family. I'd like a girlfriend, but my wife won't let me. You're probably right about dying alone in my house, though.

Marcella1016 31

I can’t imagine a self-proclaimed Pencil Dick getting offended lol

Honestly, who cares? So your son is happy being alone, lots of people are like that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone all the time, especially if he is happy.

Let him live his life how he's happy, without your interference. That life sounds like heaven to me. Not everyone is for people

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I read a story about a guy the immidiate family described like this. He died young, but people from all over europe came to his funeral, and the church couldn't seat everyone who turned up. Turns out the "lonely autistic sick kid" was gaming every day and had built a huge network of friends that loved and cared for him.

(1) Everyone has a different level of the need to socialize and a different way they socialize. What is natural to you may not be comfortable for him and vice versa. (2) Don’t be a helicopter parent, always there to make sure everything is OK. You guide young children closely, but as they grow, they need more opportunities to live the life they actually want.