By ashley - 30/04/2009 20:54 - United States

Today, my sister had her batmitzvah. During the party, there is a tradition where the batmitzvah gets lifted on a chair, and so does her family. It was my turn after my sister's. I got in the chair. They couldn't lift me. FML
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"The snickers won't stop leaping into my mouth. FML"

Being too heavy isn't always the result of being too fat, look at me, I'm 6' tall and about 230 lbs, but I also hit the gym anywhere from 4 - 6 times a week. Muscle has a higher density than fat, as such, it makes you heavier than you appear to be.


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HAHAHAHAH. Well.. Idk. Thats still funny. I'm sorry.

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Really? another "i'm fat" FML? how does my FML not get through moderation? really? what. the. ****. ever.

#5 clearly is not Jewish.... dipshit.