By SadFace - 12/09/2013 12:39 - Australia - Newmarket

Today, my two closest friends declared that they hated each other. They're my bridesmaids. The wedding is in three weeks. FML
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Tell them to suck it up. The wedding is about you, not them. They can ignore their differences for one day.

If they care about you they'll suck it up and be there for you, leaving the drama out. Best of luck!


Tell them to suck it up. The wedding is about you, not them. They can ignore their differences for one day.

And at the wedding day they'll both make it about them.. I can't imagine what you're going to do OP, but good luck with your wedding anyway, and I wish you all the best..

Exactly #1! Sorry OP that they don't get along but it's your day and they don't even need to interact with each other. They just need to make sure everything's perfect for you.

I would suggest talking to them about what happened and why they hate one another. Then tell them, if they cannot get along then they do not need to be in the wedding. I have seen plenty of lovely weddings without bridesmaids.

Luckily they'll only act like that once a month. If your wedding was in 4 weeks, you'd be screwed

Oh yes, because a period is the only reason a woman can hate or be angry! Grow up.

Why does everyone assume they are going to ruin the wedding? They hate each other, not the bride. They just need to stand next to each other for half an hour - big deal. Do people really think they are going to start a fist fight in the middle of the ceremony? I highly doubt this is going to be an issue.

If they care about you they'll suck it up and be there for you, leaving the drama out. Best of luck!

Tell them if they hate each other so much, they can leave. Three weeks is a short time to find new bridesmaids, but you don't want them ruining the wedding.

You obviously don't understand how important bridesmaids are to a bride. They aren't easily disposable or replaceable as you make it seem.

If the choice is between having a nice wedding and having your bridesmaids ruin it, then I would get rid of them all together. It depends entirely on how selfish the friends will be. My sister ended up cutting the wedding party entirely and just walking down the aisle with our dad. The bridesmaids were trying to make choices about how the wedding would go, complained about the dresses not being the color they liked, and were stressing out my sister. The groomsmen were trying to replace the bridesmaids with their wives, complained about how much time was wasted, etc. Sometimes it is better to just get rid of the problem, simplify the wedding, and move on.

My sister had a small wedding and didn't have any brides maids from the beginning. That stuff isn't that important to everyone.

#31. Jesus! I totally understand why your sister cut it short! Those people were being horrible. As for this FML, I think it's safe to say OP doesn't want to replace or remove the bridesmaids. Otherwise, she probably wouldn't have submitted this story to a site name **** My Life.

Annie-- If the bridesmaids can sit down, shut up, and smile for the pictures, then I would not cut them. But if they are prone to childish behavior best to nip it in the bud.

Wizardo 33

Well you have 3 weeks and you can change bridesmaids if by then they can't see eye to eye for your day. If you have sisters or something just choose them.

1) she shouldn't have to change her bridesmaids they should be adults and put their differences aside, it's her wedding 2) 3 weeks is not enough time to start making changes. Unless she just decides to not have any bridesmaids.

They SHOULD act adults, that doesn't mean they're going to.

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That was extremely rude of them to tell you that before the wedding. They should have said something afterwards. Their job is to take stress away from the bride, not add to it

I'm sure they can act like adults and not cause havoc at your wedding in support of you. If they can't then I wouldn't exactly call them your best friends.

That should make it a interesting wedding.

Not if her friends are mature adults about it.

if they managed to keep it hidden from you this long then I guess they can suck it up a couple more weeks until the wedding is overwith. This is about you, not them. If they're true friends they will work it out for your sake, at least until you are married

Yep me too! Watch it turn into an elbow flinging mosh pit! Ugh! Why does it bother me that your name says smurf but your picture is green?

You're right! Now I feel soooo sad that-- I'm blue (DA BA DE DA BA DI DA BA DE)

It's your wedding, that's going to be one of the most special days of your life, not their lifes! So, you either try to make them make amends to each other or you tell them to suck it up, they can be cool for a day atleast!