It was really offensive for her to say something like that. My mom and grandfather and boyfriend were in the room too, which made it even more humiliating. I didn't know what to say, I was in shock. My boyfriend led her out of the room, so the visit ended right then and there. I haven't seen or spoken to her since, and she hasn't seen her grand child either. I'm still working on an awesome comeback speech, I'm open to suggestions!

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That's a little insensitive to you. Should have told her, " I just had a kid, what's your excuse ?".

I suggest just flat out ignore her. You don't need your child growing up around people like that. She will realize sooner or later that you control when she sees her grandchild and she'll regret being so nasty to you. Congrats on the baby though!


Ouch. Sorry OP. that really stinks. Did you tell her off?

OP you've got placenta of time to get back in shape. She said that too prematurely and Enfalac, I hope she swaddles in remorse when she sees you back in shape!

Way to many Puns in one paragraph

Screw "telling off", I hope OP kicked her out and told her she won't see her grandchild ever again if she doesn't tread her DIL with respect! OP, congratulations on the baby! And besides what Hollywood says, the body needed 9 months to stretch out to accomodate a human being, it needs another 9 months to pull taught again. Give it that time. If there is still weight left after that, you can then start working on losing it, if it disturbs you. Don't let that Monster In Law get you down.

Sucks for her. Guess who is in control of letting monster in law seeing that grand child!

Yet I'm the one with 40+ likes and you have.. 11. Don't be a whiny baby about my punny puns #67 one day you'll find the right comment. -.-

You don't need to be size 0 to be beautiful, OP. Your in law seems superficial.

That's a little insensitive to you. Should have told her, " I just had a kid, what's your excuse ?".

Or just call it what it is, she is a total bitch.

Yeah, that was deff a bitch move. She just gave birth to the woman's grandchild, how about a congratulations.

Monster in law. That's how she treats the mother of her grandchild?

most likely shell probably treat her grandchild the same way

"39 hours of calorie burning wasted, fatass. Why aren't you doing marathons with a stroller?"

She JUST delivered the baby 40 hours ago! You expect her to lose weight like that *snaps fingers* women (specifically pregnant women) don't lose weight in a jiffy, it takes time!

Don't worry #4, I know what you meant

Apparently, people missed the quotes. Good execution of sarcasm. Poor audience reading skills.

wow. The heavy sarcasm was blatant in this. How did people miss it??

Honestly with so many crazy assholes out there, sometimes it’s hard to tell

That's so inconsiderate! You think she'd be grateful for you giving her a grandchild...

Congrats on the baby! You can lose the baby weight, but your in law appears to just be a heinous bitch and that's way more permanent than a few extra lbs.

That's a bitchy move even if you hadn't given birth (congrats). That sucks, sorry.

Mothers-in-law. am I right?

No actually you are not right. Mother-in-laws'

No, 37, you are not right. It actually is mothers-in-law, and there's definitely no apostrophe unless you're using the possessive form.

Ah the Internet where you better be right every single time

You'd better be right when you're correcting someone else, at least!

How embarassing...

Beat her ass. Easy.

..because physically assaulting your spouse's mother sounds like such a great idea.

In some cases, maybe

Hellyeah then blame the postpartum hormones!

PTSD has many people getting away with more then an ass whooping.

...where did you get ptsd from? Which by the way is actually very serious, by the way.

#12 be cool, it was a joke.

47. Even a simple google will educate you a little bit about it. I would live to go into a long explanation of how this occurs or how many people use it to get pleas of temporary insanity due to instability and inadequate treatment, but you can put in a little effort since you made it a point to call me out. Try to stay away from crap like Wikipedia and go to scientific journal articles.

I'm not gonna lie your mother in law is a jackass. but what do you expect for in laws?

I'd expect to have nice in laws that are grateful for the fact I've given them a grandchild whilst they're still around.