By katnl21 - Canada - Corner Brook
Today, I swapped out my maternity gown for a regular old t-shirt. My visiting mother-in-law called me a fatass and said I need to lose weight. I'd given birth just 40 hours earlier. FML
katnl21 tells us more :
It was really offensive for her to say something like that. My mom and grandfather and boyfriend were in the room too, which made it even more humiliating. I didn't know what to say, I was in shock. My boyfriend led her out of the room, so the visit ended right then and there. I haven't seen or spoken to her since, and she hasn't seen her grand child either. I'm still working on an awesome comeback speech, I'm open to suggestions!
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By  KeannaLove  |  32

I suggest just flat out ignore her. You don't need your child growing up around people like that. She will realize sooner or later that you control when she sees her grandchild and she'll regret being so nasty to you. Congrats on the baby though!

  T_Young96  |  13

OP you've got placenta of time to get back in shape. She said that too prematurely and Enfalac, I hope she swaddles in remorse when she sees you back in shape!

  sturschaedel  |  27

Screw "telling off", I hope OP kicked her out and told her she won't see her grandchild ever again if she doesn't tread her DIL with respect!

OP, congratulations on the baby! And besides what Hollywood says, the body needed 9 months to stretch out to accomodate a human being, it needs another 9 months to pull taught again. Give it that time. If there is still weight left after that, you can then start working on losing it, if it disturbs you. Don't let that Monster In Law get you down.

  devildog562  |  33

47. Even a simple google will educate you a little bit about it. I would live to go into a long explanation of how this occurs or how many people use it to get pleas of temporary insanity due to instability and inadequate treatment, but you can put in a little effort since you made it a point to call me out. Try to stay away from crap like Wikipedia and go to scientific journal articles.