Whatcha up to over there?

By confusedaf - 13/01/2022 02:01

Today, my husband called and said he couldn’t make it home tonight from a party, because his car's battery had died and his friends didn’t have any jumper cables. When I offered to pick him up, he adamantly declined. I offered an Uber. Again, declined, and he got pissed, saying, “Stop worrying so much!” and hung up on me. FML
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randybryant799 20

Why are you confused AF? He wants to stay at the party or with someone he met at the party. His car is just fine.

Obviously he's picking out jewelry for you, it's an all night event, and he wants it to be a surprise.

kitten79TX 5

Sounds like he's cheating and was making excuses to be able to get laid by some other person.

Grumpy Jack 26

Why do people always think of cheating ? Maybe he went on a ride with 2 other people and when passing over a speed bump, he accidentally shot the one sitting on the back seat. Now, he's trying to figure out how to get rid of the body and how to clean the interior of the car... Must be cheating, I guess !