By Anonymous - 13/03/2010 09:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at my boyfriend's house, when I needed the loo. The door was ajar, so I walked into his bathroom, sat down, and started to pee. I then looked up to see the shocked face of his dad sitting naked in the bath. FML
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I guess you made a good FIRST impression!

Now that's just awkward... next time "loo"k before you leak... Imagine if he got a boner... FYL indeed


I guess you made a good FIRST impression!

You seem to have the brain of a FIRST grader. And to the OP, next time knock.

beccaishereyay 11

Knock on what? The door was open, rofl.

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lmao. How could you not see a naked man in the tub before you pull your damn pants down?

just give him a good **** and he won't say anything

umm wouldn't the light be on? you fault.

hmm I feel like I'm pointing out the obvious, but shouldn't you have known it was occupied because the light was on?

if it was in the day there wouldnt be a light on! but even so, i would have thought the naked man you would have seen before using the toilet. so op, you fail.

LOL nice but honestly how do you not see somone in the tub when you walk in to a BATHROOM

ur not English so don't use loo. k thanks

It says the OP is in United Kingdom... and I didn't see anyone else say loo and if they did you have no way of knowing if they are in/from UK genius.

60 you must be a moron. if it was during the day a light COULD be on...out of the 6 bathrooms in my house 2 of them don't have windows which means a light would have to be on unless the person using the bathroom wants to be in the dark

@ReyEr9411 you seem to be the FIRST person to not have a sense of humor. obviously they had met before, otherwise OP would have noted it. I'm just trying to make a FIRST joke, you don't have to be penile about it

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lol would've been funny if he was a Family Guy fan and, like Peter, just didn't move thinking you couldn't see him lol

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Well sometimes it depends how the bathroom is set up. In my bathroom you see the toilet first then you see the shower/bathtub.

be even weirder if he had been ON the toilet and you sat down LMAO thatd be great!!!!

the tub in my house can't be seen right away this makes some sense

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I my house, there's a curtain between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom.

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FTW....How did you not notice an old man in the bathtub?! -.-

Now that's just awkward... next time "loo"k before you leak... Imagine if he got a boner... FYL indeed

Haha! A boner would be even more awkward!! Sucks for you, OP. Knock next time. Takes about 5 brain cells.

Monikabug 9

@D: I caught the bad pun! Lol :) But yep, I agree. Did you somehow miss a the man's clothes laying about on the floor?

The man was in his own home, so the possibility of him de-clothing before entering the bathroom, is worth considering.

Hahahahaha!!!! Awesome. Just awesome! And he watched you pee.

usually ppl knock if the lights on and the doors half open/closed

rohosoccer08 1

usually people close and lock the door but at least close it!

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When I'm taking a shower, I leave the door cracked, otherwise too much steam builds up, even with a venting fan in the ceiling.

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but it said he was in the bath, if he was in the shower she wouldve heard the water

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103, I have a tiny bathroom and I've never had too much steam build up. How the hell long does it take you to shower??

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Not once did OP say the light was on, so why does everyone assume? Do you guys use electricity all day or something? And i wouldnt think to check the bath if the door was cracked a bit, most people close the door when the bathroom is in use.

Unless the light is always on and the door is always open. I remember walking through an open door, into a bathroom with lights off only to find the guy visiting from Texas on the toilet.

threer 30

#167, I read your profile picture instead of your comment.:)

How did neither of you notice each other until AFTER you started peeing?

I think the dad probably noticed but was in too much shock to do anything but watch. As for her, maybe she had to go really bad and went at it as soon as she got in. I could see this happening, especially if there was a curtain around the tub.

It's a little odd. This man must be an extremely silent person or in an unnecessarily severe state of shock. Sitting in a tub of water without making a sound? Impressive. And why would he be in shock? My knee-jerk reaction when someone opens the door while I am in the tub or shower is to ask who it is or shout "occupied" or something similar.

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Man, that's awkward. Next time you should pay attention and not give his dad a show.

Or at least charge him for it. Seriously, at least TRY to make money from every possible situation. This is Capitalist society, you know.