By Burntintomyretinas - Australia - Chatswood
Today, I went over to my girlfriend's house. She'd told me not to ring the doorbell and just come in so that I wouldn't wake her dad up. As I walked upstairs, her father walked out of the bathroom naked. We locked eyes. I can't get the image out of my head. FML
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  143dav  |  8

I think he'd be more angry over the fact that OP saw his junk.. Unless he swings the other way. Anyways OP's life sucks. There's nothing more awkward than seeing your girlfriend's dad naked.

  Climaxx  |  11

Hopefully they laugh about it now, or in a few years to make it more believable.. Most people I know just text when they're outside, OP.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Yes, OP's girlfriend and her father could be cannibals and the dad would get mad when he found that she had killed and eaten him by herself leaving nothing for him to eat, hence he would be angry that OP was inside his daughter...

By  perdix  |  29

Locking eyes is probably the least of your worries. I'll bet it's that glimpse that you caught of his raging hard-on that looks like beef jerky standing proud over a wrinkly, drooping ball sac that's causing the mental trauma. Am I right?


Seriously, man? Two mornings in a row, Perdix... If my Hubby doesn't strangle me for waking him up AGAIN, he's gonna at least lock up the iPad so I can't read FML in the early morning hours. I can't even show him the comment you made to help justify it because he'd probably try to just break my poor iPad instead.

  perdix  |  29

#47, OK, I'll be the "bad cop" again. Just give me a heads-up if Mr. Grumpy-pants gases up the truck, throws in a bunch of guns and goes to hunt down the guy who keeps waking him up.