By alipallie - 10/03/2014 00:36 - United Kingdom - Ipswich

Today, after running across London to catch my train, I collapsed, panting, into a seat across from a concerned elderly woman. She leaned over to ask whether I had my inhaler and I smiled and nodded. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'm not asthmatic, just really unfit. FML
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I am sure anyone would be out of breath after running across London.

You write very well for being dead.


I just died of laughter, sounds just like my lazy self!

You write very well for being dead.

HowAreYouToday 34

Stop making fun of 1. Thats so zombiphobic. Check your living privilege smh.

Ever seen Ghost #12? Sam types very well for being dead too!

I am sure anyone would be out of breath after running across London.

I run out of breath just trying to run up the stairs xD I'm so skinny but I'm not fit at all lol

Unfitness comes in all shapes and sizes ;).... ... What.

If only had caught a train to go across London instead...

Don't worry about it mate, she's just looking out for you! And at least you made it to the train!

DarkSaul 20

Hey, you ran a few miles and that's some exorcising. But you should really hit the gyms.

I really hope you didn't mean exorcising

Psh, People at the gym always need exorcisms. Always yelling and grunting!

Isn't it normal for exorcism to take place in a gym? Clearly I should go to a gym to witness this.

Nobody hits the gym for fitness they just go to instagram themselves, grab a pair of running shoes OP and head outside.

Sorry guys, my sister got on my phone again...

What the hell? Why should he hit the gym? What did the gym ever do to him?

Hey run for a few more trains a week and you"ll be on your way!!

This way be buried, but Op, I feel that if you had to lie to cover up a truth about yourself that you can change, then you certainly deserve it. You're panting cause you to choose to be out of shape, which is unfortunate as there's no excuse you can give me that I won't call bullshit on for not being able to just own that about yourself. Keep running Op, and next time you could breeze on through without barely breaking a sweat. :) Rant done. ;P

Well sorry mister PERFECT. I guess OP forgot that you never ever make a mistake.

13- Well, I guess I kinda deserved that one, what I said wasn't very polite to Op, and I certainly could have expressed myself a lot better than that. Let me take back some of that; Being far from perfect myself, I have no right to judge someone else based on one example and limited information. Perhaps fitness isn't a priority to Op, or he just got started in a routine.

It was a dumb and dumber quote but thank you that was really nice