By Anonymous - 09/04/2012 05:15 - United States

Today, I got mugged at Disney World, the happiest place on Earth. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

I knew that duck looked sketchy

I guess Disney land isn't such a small world after all


I guess Disney land isn't such a small world after all

jerseyboy732 16

wrong state (OP is at Disney world)

damn! i knew all along that tarzan was upto no good! i have learnt by experience to never trust men with gorgeous bodies..they are either gay or are thieves/dishonest people! :D

Yeah, see, if OP was at Disneyland, that shit never would have happened.

jerseyboy732 16

arnold schwarzenegger would have cooked (insert criminal Disney mascot here) for dinner

Don't underestimate the power of shit colored bears OP. Winnie the Pooh has some nasty tricks up his fur.

10- they never said they were mugged by a man...

boxbrandon11 20

Its the happiest place for the guy that maggued you

bigtaytay 13

I wonder if OP got mugged by people in character suits

lavitaebella_fml 0

"The happiest place on Earth." False advertisement!

129-it was probably Aladdin and his monkey

That 'street rat' or the one with the huge ears that goes around hugging people with that Goofy laugh.

callie123amy 4

Florida is notorious for mugging, not so much in Cali which is why I moved back.

you do know that's just a catch phrase right

What I want to know is how you managed to get in a secluded area. That place is jam packed.

chelseamarie32 7

216 He/she knows that it's not a state. In a previous comment, someone said Disney Land which is in California. OP is in Disney World located in Florida. He/she was simply trying to correct them, and was fully aware it's not a state.

Mirequetz 6

Agreed, DisneyLAND is the happiest place, screw DisneyWORLD.

jerseyboy732 16

I knew that duck looked sketchy

One things for sure, he never wears any pants. Definitely reason for sketchy vibes.

lol I'm sorry it's so ironic and the way OP put it

#icandowhateveriwantbecauseyoucantstopmeinanyway #verycool

^ no, but we can thumb you down and bury your comment.

Watch out for Goofy; he's a feisty one!

GoingToBeAPilot1 6

No way. Me too! When I was there nine months ago!

It's obviously fate. You two are meant to be together.

I was there for the last week. Today is my first day back... Tried not to think about who was really under the Micky mouse costume...

GoingToBeAPilot1 6

Hallegra, it is a cool story, if you want my comeback wipe it off ya mums chin ********

Can't trust them giant talking animals..

hellobeautiful5 2

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like if this were true it would be all over the news...

GoodLookingGeese 10

Go complain in their office - dement a refund!! It's their duty to keep everybody safe and happy!

DrBlack 9

I really like the idea of a demented refund.

Yeah, they even arrest people who get into verbal conflicts!

bitch_pleez 10

Haha 128 if your picture is gonna be golf balls, shouldn't you use some good balls like Z-star, pro v1 or v1x or pentas?

MerrikBarbarian 9

Probably because noodle is a funny name, those aren't? Demented refunds sound like fun! But in all seriousness, they are supposed to have security to protect you so it would not hurt to ask for a refund. I've never been, but I think Disney admissions are expensive

I got a demented refund. It was all fake money. Therefore, demented.

jay2121 3

Damn, that sucks bud, sorry to hear that.

stevieb123 7
jay2121 3

OP is in The Twilight Zone!!!!!! Run for your life!!

youjustmademelol 4

Disney has always scared me, mice should not be that big!

allthatandmore 0

Me too! I went there when I was young and freaked out every time a Disney character came near me!

You are about to enter The Twilight Zone. OP is there already.

hahahahahaha oh the irony. maybe dont put valuables in places people can easily see, and they won't mug you.

If that made sense, I would put a thumb up but seeing as that made no sense whatsoever , I'm putting a thumb down

muggers are 99% more likely to mug you when you're holding your wallet out and your iPhones sitting in your pocket than those who keep their valuable shit in their bags. thus keeping anything worth anything in your bag, you're more likely to have a safe trip to Disney world and not get mugged.

Yeah but pick pocketers usually go for pockets and bags, it's not like OP was waving around his wallet

pick pocketers pick pocket you without you knowing. muggers are physical and like "give me your wallet Or I'll shoot you!" OP says mugged, not pick pocketed.

Well to a lot of people the term means the same thing. Now a days people use the term mugged very loosely and people usually refer to muggers as pick pocketers and pick pocketers as muggers

where I'm from that doesn't happen, muggers are people who threaten. the definition of the word 'mugger' is "a person who attacks and robs someone in a public place". not someone who steals something without you noticing.

Well where your from is probably not the best place huh if you have true muggers over there.... We're talking about freaking disneyworld!!!

Yea, hide your wallet and phone in a bag at ALL times. The last thing you ever want to do is advertise your phone by keeping it in your pocket? Wait, what? Oh invisible pockets, like those children. For all we know OP had a backpack and it was taken. It's not like OP took a bunch of jewelry and expensive paintings and was putting them all over the park, so not placing "valuables" where people can see doesn't make much sense.

Thank you @34 thanks for making sense I'm not being sarcastic by the way

well we don't have enough muggers and pick pocketers to classify them as the same thing, so clearly it's better than where you are.

How is that ironic? Maybe redwednesday would make more sense not on FML

34, if you didn't figure it out I was being sarcastic.

39, all the massive irony in getting mugged at the happiest place on earth?

Epsilonyx 15

i think you need one more "ha" :p

oooh, I was thinking about it but I thought it might have been a tad over the top. :p

I'm sorry, but who the hell doesn't know the difference between a mugger and a pickpocketer? Shit, I knew what a pickpocketer was when I was a little kid. I mean, the term "pickpocket" is pretty self explanatory. And no, I've never lived in a dangerous place, so that's no excuse for not knowing.

With all these comments thumbed up and down I guess you could say it's a... ... THUMB WAR. AWWWH YEEEAAAA

Watch Oliver Twist, then you'll know what a pickpocketer (I think I spelled that wrong) is

dukie420 4

Your sexy when your angry :)

94 - It's "you're" and stop being creepy.

19- interesting. Please, pull some more statistics out of your ass. I thumbed you down for making shit up.

Hide yo wallet, hide yo phone, they muggin eerybody out here

allthatandmore 0

121 you must hav a lot of muggers were u come from

Epsilonyx 15

my innocent comment received the most thumbs down! i'm that disliked on this site haha

134- read your profile. Maybe if your comments were intelligent they wouldn't get thumbed down.

DCarrasco526 4

Ms redwednesday looks like she has been robbed of her dignity numerous times so we should probably listen to her definitions on crime given her experience

pickpocket and mugged are two different definitions. google them, maybe you'll learn something. thumbs down me all you want, I actually know what those words mean. unlike those who seem to think theyre synonyms.

OP could have meant pick pocketed and not known the difference.

Let's assume op does know the difference and actually got mugged.

GreenAppleDP 0

It is pretty ironic that something like that would happen at Disney World, but a person should be mugged for the shit they carry. That's their personal choice, just because I work and have money and an iPhone doesn't mean I should have to leave it at home. If you are on vacation at a place like Disney World most everyone there has some sort of money.. But really when it comes down to it, if somebody is strapped for cash and need money, they will mug whoever. I know people who just had their purse stolen from them.. It wasn't flashy or anything, just a plain bag. Oh and you don't have to be rich to own an iPhone considering you can get the iPhone 3 for like 99 cents now.

KiddNYC1O 20
koolkat27 13

redwednesday- yeah, because OP was really expecting muggers at Disneyworld of all places.

disney world, where it costs 100$ a person to get in, 6$ a drink, where no poor family could afford to go. more likely to get mugged there than some small city. it's like a muggers heaven.

You must have never been to Disney. The chances of getting mugged are extraordinarily low because of their cameras and workers everywhere. Everyone has their phone, wallet, and camera. It's stupid to leave them at home because you "might" get mugged like you "might" get mugged anywhere else in the world. Ps: stop making up statistics

i have been to disney world and disney land many times and there's actually a lot more muggers there than you'd think. they just cover it up to make it happier. just like the rest of the world there are assholes there too. yes there is many cameras but there are also cameras in stores and theft still happens everyday.

allthatandmore 0

I'm sure your money made someone happy.

I just don't really like the giant ducks and mice. They give me nightmares.

Nah I think Hell would be a massive floor made out of cheese graters, and you're barefoot and getting chased by a billion wasps - that would be hell!