By beachbumb8538 / Friday 15 July 2011 17:01 / United States
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  Iamnotmyself  |  17

-44 Is it sad I cried when he died in the book, in front of my class? During Social Studies. On a lesson about Hitler. It was about how he died... What I'm trying to say is I got beat up a lot.

  SunDropGirl  |  0

you people hahaha all OP said was house elf hey didn't specify which one. and i hope the costume wasn't to showing... on a big guy if you know what I mean. but hey I wish i couldl have dressed up gone to the premiere so bad!!!!

  PiggieGirl638  |  0

I did, but apparently not many people here have. I wish that they actually showed more than just the two house elves in the movies. I would've wanted to see at least Winky on the big screen!

  loveuforever  |  0

It was an amazing movie!! I saw the midnight premiere and nobody got wild and crazy but the lady monitoring the comings and goings of movie goers was pretty intense.


Aujourd'hui, j'ai passé des heures à supprimer des logiciels malveillants sur mon ordinateur, pour finir par le réinitialiser en désespoir de cause. Tout ça car dans un élan de nostalgie, j'ai tenté de télécharger Adibou, le jeu PC de mon enfance, sur mon ordinateur. VDM

By Mouster - / Saturday 12 December 2015 23:43 / France - Saint-savin
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