By beachbumb8538 / Friday 15 July 2011 17:01 / United States
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  Iamnotmyself  |  17

-44 Is it sad I cried when he died in the book, in front of my class? During Social Studies. On a lesson about Hitler. It was about how he died... What I'm trying to say is I got beat up a lot.

  SunDropGirl  |  0

you people hahaha all OP said was house elf hey didn't specify which one. and i hope the costume wasn't to showing... on a big guy if you know what I mean. but hey I wish i couldl have dressed up gone to the premiere so bad!!!!

  PiggieGirl638  |  0

I did, but apparently not many people here have. I wish that they actually showed more than just the two house elves in the movies. I would've wanted to see at least Winky on the big screen!

  loveuforever  |  0

It was an amazing movie!! I saw the midnight premiere and nobody got wild and crazy but the lady monitoring the comings and goings of movie goers was pretty intense.

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