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Today, I had to do a "damage report" on myself after going to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. As I was waiting for the previews, a 20 year old man dressed as a house elf tackled and wrestled me for my seat. FML
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Go, Dobby, go! That's what you sign up for when you go to an HP movie premiere, silly.

iAmScrubs 19

He was trying to destroy the Horcrux within you. Trust me, you will thank little Dobby later.


maybe Dobby thought you were harry and tried protecting you!

whybother8 0

lol thats a true fan.. unlike u.

that's what you get for going to Harry potter premieres!

Op should have whipped his wand out.

Damn things, you give them just ONE sock and they go berserk!

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-44 Is it sad I cried when he died in the book, in front of my class? During Social Studies. On a lesson about Hitler. It was about how he died... What I'm trying to say is I got beat up a lot.

So who won? i heard those house elfs are very tricky.

fthislyfe 22

48: me too I cried when Dobby died :(

yazmi_09 3

88- lots of people watch Harry Potter, including myself

fthislyfe 22

Well, actually, the movies are no way as good as the books. but still...

why would you ask that, when you took the time to comment on this FML?

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haha what would have been funny is if he stole your seat, then yelled MISCHIEF MANAGED!!!!!!!

Idonebeenhad 17

dressed like s house elf....?! so he was wearing a single stranded rag? LOL

sister went dressed as bellatrix and there was a best costume contest she won(: dedication oh and there was alott of competitors

dude this world is filled with so many strange unexplainable people

88- Who the **** does not watch harry potter?

Lot's of people don't. 88, rated up! :P

harry potter is amazing.Your argument is invalid.

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that's what happens when you watch Harry potter.

There's nothing better than Harry potter. Shut your pie hole you muggle!

Go, Dobby, go! That's what you sign up for when you go to an HP movie premiere, silly.


At least Hagrid didnt sit on op...

Uraharas_Bankai 1

Dobby doesn't mean to kill, Dobby only means to mane or seriously injure!

Dobby's nice. It was probably Kreature.

Maybe it was Dobby's friend avenging Dobby? You never know....but FYL, that really sucks:(

Orcina1 3

46. kreature was nice after they gave him the locket. you'd know that if you read the book

yazmi_09 3

well 71 if YOU had read the book you'd know it's spelled kreacher :)

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you people hahaha all OP said was house elf hey didn't specify which one. and i hope the costume wasn't to showing... on a big guy if you know what I mean. but hey I wish i couldl have dressed up gone to the premiere so bad!!!!

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Maybe it was Winky. Ohhhh snap nobody thought about that.

Kreacher...although Kreature would be kinda cool

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Dobby is dead! I saw it with my own eyes! How could he have wrestled you for your seat?

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

it was Kreatcher lol the old ugly one >.>

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You guys dissapoint me. Has no one read the books?

PiggieGirl638 0

I did, but apparently not many people here have. I wish that they actually showed more than just the two house elves in the movies. I would've wanted to see at least Winky on the big screen!

yup that's SOOO smart bcuz he would've gotten thrown out of the movie theater with no seat and no Harry potter

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iAmScrubs 19

He was trying to destroy the Horcrux within you. Trust me, you will thank little Dobby later.

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HP fans are insane!! that was a fantastic movie though. :)

hahaurfunnylol 1

nah LOTR are Insane especially the first day the third one came out

It was an amazing movie!! I saw the midnight premiere and nobody got wild and crazy but the lady monitoring the comings and goings of movie goers was pretty intense.

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i was one of the crazy fans who dressed up (Slytherin pride!). Yeah, it was intense. You would have thought we were carrying a bomb.

being dressed as a house elf, did you get tackled by a naked old man wearing just a cloth? lol

he said "20 year old man" which is not old at the least and barely a man.

got your ass kicked by Dobby, that's priceless

anybody else have to read this more than once to make sure they read it right?