By Anonymous - 20/01/2012 23:33 - France

Today, while I was out shopping, my pants decided that they just didn't have enough holes in them, and ripped a new one in the crotch. FML
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Consider it easy access

Don't worry, having holes in your pants is "cool"!! I'm sure all the old men in the store appreciated your fashion sense.


That suks dude, fyl

It just wanted to say hi

I love your pic!

Sounds like the beginning of a porno.

Stop buying pants at Walmart

Crotchless pants FTW! Just don't sit anywhere if you go commando.

Hey OP... Your snatch is showing.

Better than a camel toe just buy yourself a new pair of pants -.-

45- Gasp! Shopping? At a mall?! What is this sorcery?!

Considering you're at a mall, new pants are an easy fix

It doesn't say anything about a mall.

Why are you wearing hole-y pants? That is so 2006... And what the hell were you doing to rip a hole in the crotch?

you have nice tits

um what does FTW mean..?

77- Fuck the women.

Where's desireev when you need her...

For some reason your picture freaks me out

Consider it easy access

Well you shouldn't have been crying like one

I've been in OP's same exact situation so many times. I just keep walkin though, it's not like anyone can see it if it's in the crotch area.

8- missed it by this much.

I tore my zipper apart from my pants. But then I lost weight and ghettoly shoe stringed the two sides of the pants together. When my friends asked why I still kept em. I said "easy access" lol

It's like a fly for lazy people!

I consider it a vent for a nice cool breeze.

Yikes, sorry OP - that's embarrassing! Even if someone saw they'd forget about it completely in a few minutes so don't be too upset about it.

You must be crack in my balls man. What a rip-off.

Don't worry, having holes in your pants is "cool"!! I'm sure all the old men in the store appreciated your fashion sense.

What im wondering how the pants decided this...

The pants can decide to do whatever the fuck they want to.

Maybe they should have been replaced after the first or second hole?

Wow, OP tore those pants a new one!

Well, that's awkward.

Is that alcohol in your hand young woman?? Crazy aussies.

Ew, NO! I'm only 14, I don't plan on drinking any time soon. It's an old style cherry soda! I would never, ever, EVER drink alcohol at this age.

Easy access/extra ventilation!

Yea op, think positive!

Well the holes do make it weaker, who else has this happen to them?

Go to the little Asian dry cleaner and let them patch it

Happened to me when I leaned down to tie my shoe:)