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Today, I was at a second interview for a job that I really need as I got laid off last month. Midway through the interview, I went to cross my legs and realized I had 2 different shoes on. FML
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Hahaha priceless. Maybe they will just think it's your style and that you're really cool


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Agreed. They probably didn't see. Plus, it's not like they aren't going to hire you because you had on two different shoes. Also, if you didn't notice it that morning, then the were obviously close.

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The OP said they crossed their legs, so the interviewer could have seen it. Lets hope not LOL. But yeah you should probably get ready with the lights on!

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i had a neighbor who used to that all the time. it was like a fashion statement. it actually wasn't that bad & she had the cutest heels & outfits. hope u pulled it off too.

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As Belgarath the Sorcerer once said: I wear two different shoes because my left one is the most comfortable left shoe I ever had and my right ine is the most comfortable right shoe I ever had. JK. Hope it didn't matter, even ig they noticed.

#81-You should probably not have a stupid icon pic of yourself with your boob almost falling out. Please, it away for all of our sakes.

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#30, If they did see it shows she doesn't pay attention to detail. These things make a difference!

Hahaha priceless. Maybe they will just think it's your style and that you're really cool

How the hell did you not realize you put on 2 different shoes earlier ? * insert statement full of win here*

That's what I want to know. I mean. Do you just have your shoes in a pile or something? and do they all feel the same when you're wearing them? I just can't believe people are this dumb. Not to mention the interviewer probably didn't notice or care in any way.

Come on, you don't have to sound like a jerk. This woman has been laid off, times are stressful enough as it is, she was prob looking for a job for a while and just accidentaly put on different shoes. I'm sure it happens more than you think.

I don't know about you, but all my heels, flats, and even tennis shoes all feel completely different from each other. I would've defiantly noticed that without even looking down. If you couldn't tell the difference, then maybe they weren't all that different to begin with, which is no real biggie. Now if you're mixing designers... that's a whole new level. My mother always told me never to cross my legs though. Especially for interviews. It gives off bad body language.

I understand that she's been going through hard times, but that just means that you try THAT much harder to impress someone. I also don't understand how you put on two different shoes. I can't wear two different sneakers on my feet let alone dress shoes.

Hilarious. This is one of those FML's that are just funny. I can totally imagine the horror of realization.

And then the horror of realizing that your horror-struck face just made them realize about your shoes, when they probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise. But yes, I agree with everyone above saying that OP should act as if it was intentional :)

If it's a decent company, they'll hire you because of your skill, not your shoes. But hey, if I were an interviewer, I'd be more interested in someone with style and spontaneity than all those other frickin' robots trying to look all perfect and tidy.

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As if it really matters? They probably won't even notice. I NEVER match my socks, even at work.

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I don't match socks either, actually. Just make sure they're *roughly* the same color.

I don't match my socks, either. Not in the slightest. It makes it so much easier to put socks away in the drawer (you don't have to match them) and if one sock gets a hole in it you don't have to throw away the pair. OP: If you were sitting at a table, she couldn't have seen. Don't worry about it... and if she's hiring you for your shoes, there are some major issues with her.

well, i purposely wear odd socks. sure, i hav matching ones, but i go out of my way to make them odd. so long as theyre like, same shape/height watever :) yes, i know im odd :D

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ESPECIALLY if it was a second interview

And this is why men have two, maybe three pairs of shoes. 1) Everyday shoes 2) Dress shoes 3) Winter boots

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Eh. I have running shoes, everyday shoes, two different pairs of dress shoes (brown and black), work shoes (work as in like, yard work, not office), and hiking boots (doesn't really count, though, I know).

you're obviously not real man then

they might take it as "hey, this chick is not uptight and free spirited" and like the fact that (although not intentionally) you made light of a tense and stressful situation.