By icanunderstand - 10/07/2009 12:50 - Russian Federation

Today, I'm studying abroad in Russia, and I lost my keys to my dorm room. In the office I asked for a spare and she spoke really fast so I couldn't hear her. Assuming I don't speak Russian, she gets on the phone and calls maintenance saying, "There is this ugly girl about to cry... come fix it." FML
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In Soviet Russia, you don't lose keys. KEYS LOSE YOU!


you should of said " the ugly girl can hear you" in Russian to her


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Это не было очень профессионально для нее, чтобы сказать это. Я сожалею. Translation: That was not very professional for her to say that. I am sorry.

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What the hell? How does she deserve it? If Russian isn't her first language, it probably takes her longer to translate in her head. And its annoying people claiming "First" all the time... it's retarded.

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helloxrina, ну ты и чурбан не русский!!! Don't even pretend you speak Russian! Shame on you, using an online translator!

ghadir 2

вы оба парни терпите неудачу в жизни.:) glick glick glick glick haha

helloxrina, this is what you were trying to say, only with proper syntax: Это было не очень профессионально с её стороны. Я сожалею. Translation: read helloxrina's... To the rude Russians on FML: Вы ребятки очень дружные, я конечно понимаю. Но всё же, постарайтесь себя вести немного более адекватно, особенно со своими. Было бы здорово.

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А кто себя ведет не адекватно? Я бы не сказала, что кто то сказал что то особенно "rude". Я конечно не совсем поняла что ghadir пытался сказать, но может быть это таковы мои знания русского языка?

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И я не думаю что hellroxina на самом деле русская потому что ее перевод был слово в слово с английского. Ничего тут обидного для нее нет, просто напросто явно не русский человек.

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Don't worry, I've been to Moscow, and WOW, talk about the most unfriendly people you'll ever meet in your life. I'll never go back.

eyas buf cerzy wiffers onnel eyn cerp. gin fuppershelps sorry, no online backwoods hick translators

Да, она транслятор наверняка использовала, на то я её и поправила. С другой стороны она может быть и Русская - просто всю жизнь прожила в Штатах, так и получилось у неё нелепо. Я тоже вроде как и не обидела никого. Меня просто сильно достаёт Русская особенность ругаться со своими, и судя по тону постов над моим, мне показалось что сейчас вот вот должно начаться. Ладно, давай забудем уже. Время на это тратить жалко. Приятно было поболтать на родном языке, twist_n_shout. :) EDIT: Секунду назад я этот текст через Google перевела на Английски язык ...хахаха - сама глянь, это действительно смешно!

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Goddamnit people, speak English!

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Да, runkatrun, давай согласимся, что ни ты никого не пыталась обидеть, ни я! Как говорил некий Леопольд, "Ребята, давайте жить дружно!"

I have never said YDI in this site but I start now. Who in the world would study abroad in Russia? Of all the warm places like France, England, Switzerland, Brazil,Dubai, Germany and such who would choose Russia???? Its cold there and the few Russians I know are complete assholes and you might take a hint that the country reflects their people. The OP should have researched what countries are friendly to begin with.

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Google translator didn't even know what to do with this shit - it churned out a bunch of gibberish where at least one word didn't correlate to anything at all. Can't we all be the Anglo-centric assholes we know ourselves to be and speak English?

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Geist, you are a moron. End of story.

By popular demand, I'll reply in English (guys, long story short, we were at length and without point discussing the poor syntax of the first comment you see in Cyrillic, and the issue of politeness). hawkmadinejad, I don't condone rude behaviour at all, nor do I believe that people should engage in it selectively. I just notice a trend among Russians that they are more often than not courteous and measured with everyone but other Russians. Camaraderie exists more so in many other cultures (excluding Russian when people of the same culture meet one another – as if by default. That’s why I said, let’s behave ourselves adequately, especially with one another. I never said “let’s behave adequately only with one another.” In fact, I’d rather not have anyone bicker or quarrel at all. Hopefully that clears some fog.

zdorovo. russkoe sobranie .hahaha. to the poster, sorry you had to go through that :D

Geist, it's idiots like you who make Russia look bad because you don't know shit about the weather there. You've seen your stupid movies that show Russia covered with snow and you assume that's all there is to the country.

i know goddamn speak ENGLISH lololol sif there's so many of you guys that can speak russian ==

You speak for yourself you Anglo-centric asshole.

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Russia is full of fascinating cultural history, plus I think the fact that she spoke Russian might have influence that decision a little.

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HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!! Bolshoye spasibo za vash rozgovor. Ya sam v shtatax i ploho pishu po Ruskie, no horosho govoriu slavabogu. :)

oh skolyko Russkih tut, Ya dazshe ne ozshidal takovo.......

да, русских всегда больше чем кажется :)

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In Soviet Russia, you don't lose keys. KEYS LOSE YOU!

lol, perfect response @ OP: you should have called her out on it and got her fired or something

Doesn't work that way, but one can dream. OP better hold her head higher and not let this get to her. Russia is wonderful, but you get little gems here and there, like the lady in the office.

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In Soviet Russia, life ***** you !

In soviet russia, you're not ugly, UGLY IS YOU!

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They have really nice staff there. -.-

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Sometimes the truth hurts LOL I'm jk but tell her to kiss your ugly ass bc it's prob better looking than her face!

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XD aw man, i'm sorry! i really wanna just slap people like that. >.>

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Same here.That was incredibly rude of her. But don't let one stupid girls opinion of you, get you down. Because its very apparent that shes REALLY ugly on the inside.

YDI for going to Russia, and for being ugly...

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exactly my thoughts andrewms

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Maybe you should get out once in a while and stop bashing on Russia have you even been there?

Russia is a nice place, and in every country there always is the occasional nasty person. It isn't OP's fault at all. Plus, I haven't actually seen anyone look nice when they are about to cry.


you should of said " the ugly girl can hear you" in Russian to her

yes, then she would've been posting on here instead of you and she would've gotten lots of YDI votes.

Then she'd have been like Batman! (Justice League S02 E07)