By Swivel - 07/06/2012 12:17 - Singapore

Today, after a spate of bad ones, I was in another job interview trying my hardest to give a good impression. After answering a few questions, I realized to my horror that while I was talking I was swiveling my chair from left to right like a nervous child. FML
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So what do you think your strengths are? WHEEE WHEEEEE!

That's their fault. Those damn swivel chairs are a lot of fun.


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You're* :P Oh my, now I know what it feels like to be a grammar nazi. Sorry I just couldn't help myself.

That's not a grammar nazi, It's common sense. A grammar nazi will raise hell for using the wrong word for a past participle, your and you're are like first grade status.

You're illiterate.

And there's only one way to end it: *puts gun in mouth* I'll pull your trigger if you pull mine, Baustigt.

Op if you weren't swiveling it left to right obnoxiously then I'm sure it isn't going to affect whether you get the job or not.

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30- Thread jack.

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30- Oh to be young and naive.

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30-You could've at least had an intelligent comment if you were going to be a thread jacker

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Shut the **** up!

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You clearly have no life because there others who corrected me so shut the hell up!

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Girl shut up you sound like you have no life !

So what do you think your strengths are? WHEEE WHEEEEE!

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Reminds me of the little piggy who cried whee whee whee all the way home.

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I heard the All State piggy Max

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45 - Thank you!! I had a suspicion I was wrong

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Well, maybe you didn't give a good impression, but you did give a memorable one.

What's so memorable about a grown up guy/girl swiveling on a chair during an interview?

10- What OP forgot to mention is that he/she was bare ass naked the entire time. Memorable.

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I was thinking the same thing. She wasn't wearing panties. Yes, I'm a perv. call me *puts on dark glasses* Pervy Sage!!!!

12- that might be true if it was a casting couch kinda situation ;)

A swiveled couch! Genius!!

3 - I sincerely enjoy your optimism.

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I am sure you did fine.

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Agreed, it's okay If you are nervous. The questions are the important part of any interview. When I had an interview I was cracking my sentences and it took seconds for my answers to come out. At the end my boss said he would hire me lol. Your fine op

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Don't worry OP, everyone has nervous habits! Also, what does "bad spate of them" mean?

That's their fault. Those damn swivel chairs are a lot of fun.

I love swivel chairs. I constantly piss off my hair dresser because of my constant swiveling

49 - That's a terrible idea. One day your hairdresser's just going to have at it while you're swiveling and you'll have no one to blame for your horrid haircut but yourself! That, or they might chop off a smidgen of your ear.

We all have our ways of showing how nervous we are. I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure they've seen worse.

Some people show how nervous they are with a duckface.

That's no duckface, it's just the way my face looks. But thank you for your helpful comment.

You should relax and take deep breaths, it helps nervousness. Don't try too hard to answer the questions exactly how the interviewer wants to hear them, just be yourself an you'll be fine.

This fantastic piece of advice is a tad late now

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Ya know, if you're too nervous, the breathing dosen't help....

Thats okay, i probably wouldve ran and rolled accross the room on the chair, not just swivelled.

That's awful. You should have explained that you were nervous and tried to laugh it off, hoping that you don't have a douchebag interviewer. :/