By Anonymous - 19/06/2009 19:00 - United States

Today, I had a job interview. I have a nervous tendency to rub my foot against the bar under the table. After the interview I noticed I had been rubbing my foot against the interviewer's leg. FML
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well, did you get the job?



LOLLLL they'd better have...

they obviously liked it if they didnt say anything:D

well, did you get the job?

If they didn't move the whole time... they LIKED IT! You got the job! :)

lol, you a job, he got a job, win win XD

BTK4399 14

Probably not

Well if they let you do it throughout the whole interview without asking what you were doing/telling you to stop, i'd say you're in! ;)

Did you get the job?

Shizden 0

Atleast you weren't rubbing their you-know-what.

you-know-what? you mean ... hands?

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you fail

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did you suck his yamsack too????

lmmmr 0

Yamsack? Really?

duh. don't you?

What the fuck is a yamsack?

hahaha sweet! i love convos ...yes "convos" is an english word! .just google... um, i think u are in for the job coz the means whoever did interview liked it! keep rubbing, who knows :)

if you have to specify that what you are saying is an actual word, maybe don't use that word.

the interviewer prolly enjoyed it. if not, he/she would've at least said something

wait, and they didn't go "um, please move your leg"? How rude of them. Even in the office, if somebody is being intolerably strange, I will call them on it. Politely of course.

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Agreed, very strange that they didn't tell you to stop. If you do get offered that job I'd think twice, you might just end up getting harassed all the time because they think they can get away with it.

congrats for your new job !