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Today, my teacher told the class that we had better like the people at our table because we would all be working together for the final group assessment. Everyone looked at me, stood up, and moved. FML
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What a bunch of ass wads. I hate how rude people can be these days

That's pretty rude, but maybe there's a reason behind why they did it? Are you the type of student who pushes all the work onto others when it comes to groups? If so I understand why they did that, I hate those kind of people. :3


What a bunch of ass wads. I hate how rude people can be these days

from the sounds of this, OP is probably the rude one. that or a slacker, and lets the other people do all the work when in groups.

#17 OP could also be unpopular for some reason. You know how schools are.

SwaggCapone 11

Had that happen to me in school. I wasnt well liked in high school. Now I'm making good money at my job and everyone wants to be my friend

Or maybe OP has a reputation for not pulling their weight in group tasks

#47 we simply don't know enough to assume I suppose.

assassinbanana0 20

OP could easily be the one that no one likes. The 'weird kid'. Kids these days are just horrible to each other

#62 I hate it when people say kids these days were so this and that. It's like you think they were never mean to each other until just recently

Don't be too quick to call them ass wads. OP could just be the biggest ******** in the school who never does any work. and school just started so I doubt he's done anything drastic yet.

#70 he's in Australia. School started for us in February...

I hope it is that reason and not group bullying :/

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I'm going to throw out a guess and say nobody likes the smelly kid.

#2's comment sounds rude, but it could be true. I know a few people whom a lot of people don't like, simply because they're unpleasant people for one reason or another. I obviously don't know the OP personally, and maybe the people on his table were just rude, but yeah, some people are disliked because they're just unpleasant to be around.

150493x 29

Some people can be pretty judgemental. My old school was bad for it. Unless you had plenty money and fancy clothes you were invisible.

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Not sure why 11 is getting thumbed down so much, because she's right. I went to high school in a pretty wealthy area, and I knew a few people who were ostracized simply because their family couldn't afford new clothes so they wore clothes with holes in them. No one even bothered getting to know them

My neighborhood school is in the rich part of town while I'm from the poor side of town, and people like to judge for stupid reasons like "he isn't into the latest fad that will be phased out in two weeks" or "he can't afford a motherfucking $50 t-shirt". I feel your pain OP

skyeyez9 24

I lived in a wealthy part of town when I lived in Colorado. My daughter went to a private school in a nice part of town. From my perspective, its the PARENTS of the kids who were the snobby ones....usually the stay at home women married to businessmen or doctors. The wealthy women who also worked for a living were the down to earth, nice to be around ones.

TheDrifter 23

Odd, I found the opposite. The stay at home moms were more down to earth, the career women who hired a live in nanny to raise their kids were the totally disconnected from reality ones. Nobody talked to me either, because I'd done some time in the young offenders center, so I just ran with it, one horrified look is worth a dozen meaningless conversations.

Can't agree with you more #42. Can't thumb you up enough.

skyeyez9 24

Probably different with every town I guess. The stay at home moms had nothing better to do where I lived except form cliques, gossip, go shopping and brag about the next triathlon they were traveling to compete in. They all dressed alike: capri pants or designer jeans folded at the end, big black sunglasses, big hat (on days they had chemical peels done.) The rich working moms were nice.

skyeyez9 24

Funny thing was they would eat a muffin or something. Then I'd see them at the country club about killing themselves in the spinning, yoga classes or swimming endless laps to burn off the muffin calories.

TheDrifter 23

They do the same here, but in different fashion and the cliques are all stay at home moms. The career women are the same, but with a very arrogant "you people are beneath me" attitude and streaming verbal diarrhea about how "in mama's day, the help knew their place, you just can't find good help anymore". Nouveau riche aristocrat wannabes, far more annoying to me than gossipy yuppies.

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Maybe one day you'll be their boss and you can make their life hell like they have with you.

People today are using such powerful words in pathetic scenarios, how was OP's life made "hell"? They probably moved because OP is the rude one or he is bad/lazy with schoolwork.

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It was just a suggestion. I'm just going on how I see it. Maybe OP was the one to blame, but then again maybe not. It would be good if we could get a follow up to find out.

That's pretty rude, but maybe there's a reason behind why they did it? Are you the type of student who pushes all the work onto others when it comes to groups? If so I understand why they did that, I hate those kind of people. :3

I agree. Some people just aren't pleasant to work with. However, it it still rude that people moved even if Op is a bad worker.

TheDrifter 23

One, maybe two moving I'd call rude. When it's the whole table in a unanimous decision? That sounds more like a well deserved shunning to me.

@OP I know how that feels dude. Just don't mind them, people can be really rude at times. But really, at the same time you must try to figure out why they hate you. I did, and corrected myself. Good luck! :-)

I don't know why you got thumbed down so much, good comment in my eyes.

Because he's implying that OP is perfect when we know next to nothing about him. He could be a lazy swag yolo douche that never works in groups and takes credit for others work. In that case it's perfectly understandable that they left like that.

Only a narcissist could believe they're perfect, which would explain why no one wants to be with him... but unless he believes it, my comment sounds like one of those ridiculous comments parents say to cheer you up :D

I thought it was because OP is a perfectionist. Unless there were only two people on the project (including op) why would they all leave? I would rather work with two people, one of them doing nothing than work with one person who controls every detail.

Yeah, I feel you. I kinda have the same problem as well. That's why I prefer to work alone. Better that way.

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That is really sad and unfortunate, but I can't help but think, maybe the OP isn't very likeable? In any case, you didn't deserve it OP

Ari1337 15

if op isn't likeable, then he deserved it. if its just kids being assnugets, then op didn't deserve it.

Play with the bastards. If they moved to seperate tables, juts get up on a chair and point at each table singing "eeny, meeny, miny, moe...." just to play with their heads.

By the end of the school year make them all regret it!!