By SenorPoopypants - 08/01/2017 19:23

Today, I shat myself during a job interview. FML
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<p>Could be good, could be bad. "Depends" on how you look at it!</p>


<p>I hope they didn't notice and you got that job.</p>

<p>That sounds like a shitty situation. Seriously though, I hope they can see past that and still consider you for their position.</p>

<p>Could be good, could be bad. "Depends" on how you look at it!</p>

samomaha 17

<p>There is nothing here at all to suggest that OP is a suitable candidate for the position. If a person has to use the bathroom, they KNOW they do. Asking to pause the interview for such a reason is acceptable. Not asking is a sserious sign of a lack of the most basic decision-making capabilties, extreme immaturity, and complete lack of confidence. I wouldn't hire this person to be a janitor. And before anyone decides to ask what if they have an illness? If your illness is that serious, again,

Hopefully they didn't notice and you don't get "dumped" on again before you even get hired

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Today I was interviewing a guy that smell like shit. I guess that was you!!!