By SenorPoopypants - 08/01/2017 19:23

Today, I shat myself during a job interview. FML
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Never trust a fart.

<p>Could be good, could be bad. "Depends" on how you look at it!</p>


<p>I hope they didn't notice and you got that job.</p>

<p>That sounds like a shitty situation. Seriously though, I hope they can see past that and still consider you for their position.</p>

<p>You should know better.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Could be good, could be bad. "Depends" on how you look at it!</p>

samomaha 17

<p>There is nothing here at all to suggest that OP is a suitable candidate for the position. If a person has to use the bathroom, they KNOW they do. Asking to pause the interview for such a reason is acceptable. Not asking is a sserious sign of a lack of the most basic decision-making capabilties, extreme immaturity, and complete lack of confidence. I wouldn't hire this person to be a janitor. And before anyone decides to ask what if they have an illness? If your illness is that serious, again,

Now THAT is a FML

<p>That stinks.</p>

Never trust a fart.

Hopefully they didn't notice and you don't get "dumped" on again before you even get hired

jcash52426 5

Today I was interviewing a guy that smell like shit. I guess that was you!!!