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By anonymous - 20/10/2010 06:38 - New Zealand

Today, I got so nervous that I actually peed my pants during a job interview. FML
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FFML_314 11

You sure know how to break the ice. Or should I say 'melt.'

Jerzyginger74 0

And your first task as a new hire is to clean this chair.


didn't knew being nervous could make anyone pee their pants..

trueblue42 4

jeez, chill... and maybe go with an empty bladder next time?


when you say peed, you meant just a little leakage , right? I know some women will leak a little coughing, or laughing real hard.

relax,take it eeeeeezzzzzaaaay! btw love the song

MissErikaHart 0

just b glad u pissed yourself and u weren't scared shitless...

Elixa 0

That's nasty as punishment the employer should have made you lick the chair clean with your tongue.

FFML_314 11

You sure know how to break the ice. Or should I say 'melt.'

suppose there was ice? then what? then you, sir, look like the jackass muahahaha

FFML_314 11

Some people are such complete fuckbags.

FFML, I must say, that wasn't one of your best moments, but go ahead and call me a complete fuckbag anyways. =]

FFML_314 11

Wasn't one of my best moments? It was a joke. A lame joke, but a joke. I thought it was funny. The first person to reply was a fuckbag for being even more lame than my joke. Especially since he was a complete buzzkill! Now laugh you pheasant!

Yes, the person to respond to you had no idea what was coming! No one ***** with FFML.

Lauren10102 3

actually they are hilarious, ur just mad because you said something stupid and others noticed

FFML_314 11
Ohnocurly 0

I'm guessing 13 doesn't know what the phrase "break the ice" means. OP said they were nervous, so obviously in that sense of the term, there was ice there and plenty of it. I think I may try this technic the next time I'm in an uncomfortable situation.... just letting all the pressure out and feeling a warm soothing sensation overcome you as it slowly overcomes the whole lower half of your body. Sounds like a great way to "melt the ice" if you ask me.

Whew, thanks pen. I didn't understand all those big words like "colloquialism" and "informal."

Well let's all ******* jump down the throats of those whose opinion of a joke differ from ours. I mean they have no free speech, they must respect and adore any comment posted by one of the FML brigadiers. If they don't they are obviously ******* stupid. See how ****** up and selfish that sounds. You are all pricks for thinking everyone has to agree and laugh at everything you people say.

Wow...who pissed in your corn flakes? Noone is saying that everyone has to agree with anything. That's the beauty of the interweb. Everyone is free to post whatever s/he likes, you included. But understand that some people on here happen to be attacked more than others, and these same people happen to have friends that will jump to their defense. Too long. Didn't write.

FFML_314 11

OK 66, the problem isn't that someone doesn't find the joke funny. The problem is that the first person that replied was being a dick, because he didn't get the joke or was trying to imply that I was somehow a moron for saying what I said. I could care less if mindless morons find me funny. If you're stupid, I will tell you that you're stupid, plain and simple. If you don't like that there's people like myself on this site, you will have a miserable time, because there's quite a few of us. People are so hell bent on trying to get in their 2 cents towards me, because I have a big mouth and an even bigger opinion. Just a heads up for all of you underage wanna be rap stars, you will not make me look stupid. I know perfectly well how to make myself look stupid. Everyone has freedom of speech and that line works both ways. If I don't like what you say, you bet your ass I will let you know and in full detail as to why. I have a strong force that backs me up and it's not because I can't stand up for myself, but because people know that I'm not just some ranting troll, but someone with a valid point and more than 2 brain cells to rub together. I did like that "FML brigadiers" comment though. ;D

MissErikaHart 0

Thanks FFML. I feel like FMLs finest.

FFML_314 11

I am frozen on that ignorant comment of yours, Pendatik. It was absolutely chaotic and absurd. I'm sensing that you will need a doctor at some point in the near future. The way you worded that was sour and I feel you should lay off the maryjane. Dude you need to stop being such a nerd and remove your head from the cloud, then take some pills. Your blood is red, but your venom is green and blue. It's seeming like you're a bit schizophrenic and spastic. May god have mercy on your soul. *Whoever guesses how many people were referenced in this comment, gets a cookie and +20 interweb points*

FFML_314 11

Crap, I only counted 15. If I don't win the cookie, can I at least win a Fig Newton?

FFML_314 11

Trollz was not referenced in there. Where the hell did you think he was referenced, LOL? As for the rest of your

FFML_314 11

I'm still wondering where you saw Trollz? I was going to reference him, but his name is so god damn awkward to reference. It's like my name, which I was also going to do, but god dammit I couldn't fit it in there. I laughed at the pentadik comment. MUAHAHA!

I count 17. Anna, check your PMs for a list. I'm not giving anything away. ;)

I found another possible ref, but it's a stretch. So maybe 18.

bitch please. calm the **** down, who cares what other people think seriously shut up and go back to what ever it is you do, plus I didn't read this comment cause it'sWAYYYYY too long. so shut up and calm your farm.

Because you don't. Your piss is stored in the empty space in your skull.

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Jerzyginger74 0

And your first task as a new hire is to clean this chair.

Sexywifey91 0

that's groos! how old are you?!

TookiMyCooki 0
buttsexchampion 0

I can tell from that response that your 12

MissErikaHart 0

58 lmao 63 ur username makes u look 12. just sayin. I laughed when I read it tho.

I don't think 12 year olds know much bout but sex. just sayin

Raturlik 3

Nowadays I would doubt your comment #118.

And that's the reason why you always go to the toilet before stressy situations.