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Today, it was my first day at my new job as a receptionist at a small doctor's office. When the doctor's wife called and asked if he'd stepped out, I blanked the word "Doctor" and instead replaced it with, "Medicine man." FML
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Wizardo 33

"Do you know the Medicine Man?" "The Medicine Man?" "Yes! The Medicine Man!" "Who lives in Drury Lane?"

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Medicine Man!!


Wizardo 33

"Do you know the Medicine Man?" "The Medicine Man?" "Yes! The Medicine Man!" "Who lives in Drury Lane?"

Ironically enough, I'm watching shrek as I read this haha

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Medicine Man!!

ChaiseT 16

Well I mean technically, you're not wrong.

Not to be super bleak and negative, but I hear this is a tell-tale sign of possible Alzheimers? Maybe get checked?

A sign of Alzheimer's is possibly getting flustered and saying something dumb. Literally everyone does this at some point. That's akin to saying "you have a headache, must be a brain tumour." Thanks WebMD.

Overreaction. Seriously. Everyone forgets words from time to time. That does not mean anything. Alzheimer's is more than just forgetting things. Trust me, I know. I have worked with people who have it. They get to a point where they can't do anything for themselves because their minds no longer tell them what anything is. They become paranoid and emotionally unstable because everything constantly confuses them. The simplest of things can send a person with Alzheimer's into a panic attack because it no longer seems normal to them. Forgetting a word one time does not equate to Alzheimer's.

You are describing a late stage of Alzheimers. There's a road to that and it starts small. Though forgetting one word at one time may not be Alzheimers. I don't understand why #5 gets downvoted. It's not spam or insulting, you are effectively censoring valid opinion. Then again, I often ask myself why censoring is so extensively used on this site.

First of all, I know that. I work in healthcare, with the elderly, and have for several years. But I was making a point. Second, it's not "valid opinion." It's a person overreacting to a simple situation and trying to diagnose a human error as a serious medical condition.

While it may technically be an overreaction it is still a valid opinion. It is especially valid when you consider how many people fail to realize that they have a medical condition because they keep writing off the symptoms as being nothing to concern themselves about. There are also the people who just don't realize how often those symptoms are actually occurring because they lack the support network that most people have made up of people who would point that kind of thing out to them. They never said it was definitely Alzheimer's. They said maybe get checked out. That is not diagnosing a condition. That is encouraging someone to verify that they don't need a diagnosis.

Small doctor? "Medicine man" was better than that :-)

Fireant_man 6

If it's his wife why wouldn't you just say husband or his name. I think she would know that he is a doctor

Yes, but was she aware that he was ALSO a medicine man? ;P

I mean, when you put them side by side, the terms means almost exactly the same thing, except medicine man also has some faith-healing aspects in some cultures. So you aren't really wrong...

Still not as bad as if you had said witch doctor.

Daelynn_17 19

That's actually pretty funny :-) :-)

Now, just how small is this doctor? "Like me, like me, tiny doctor!" small?