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Ewwww, what the hell

Sounds like urine his latest adventure.


Ewwww, what the hell

YDI for being a slut

Although yeah, he does sound "interesting".

did he just have his dick out in his hand or something in order to point it toward you? because if he had pants on it would be a little difficult to push the stream through the clothes

he was marking his territory XD

lmfao @ number 70.


haha at least you know URINE his heart. -stloen off another fml- and all I could think about was the episode of friends where -I was backpacking through Europe- was a pick up line..

Wtf? That sucks.

Well, that's what we do over here. We love to relieve our bladders on people. I'm glad the trend is spreading.

You said "spreading!" Me likey! The OP should have said, "When you started the story, you were an American. Now, European."

Oh, I got one for you both... You're a peein'? European? Eh? Eh? *ashamed*

Are you ashamed that I made such a stupid pun, or that it took you a while to get it?

Aw. Now I'm ashamed that I made that pun without realising that you had already made it. I must have no brain. I do not deserve to co-create trans-Atlantic Telegustation. :[

In the words of Stanley Milgram, "The experiment requires that you continue."

All right. I will persevere.

dude my DAD always says that!

Sounds like a stunt my brother pulled on me. Fucker.

Well, I guess you're his now.

hahah yeah he claimed his territory :P

Sounds like urine his latest adventure.


I see what you did there

i like, i like

twenty2182, do you ever say anything besides "omg"? Haha! Why did he start pissing on you? What the hell kind of club were you at?

id have decked him :) or worse, ripped off his nuts :D

He was just marking his territory. You should feel honored.