By Anonymous - 26/07/2013 14:26 - United States - Campbellsville

Today, I was at a pool party with some friends. We decided to play chicken and I was on the shoulders of the guy I like. Right as we started playing, for some unearthly reason my body decided to let out a little pee. I thought he wouldn't notice since we were already wet. He did. FML
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teamlightskin 14

Did he throw you off of him? If not, he is a keeper :)

Did he feel the warmth of your gesture?


teamlightskin 14

Did he throw you off of him? If not, he is a keeper :)

ILoveMyArm 15

Or it would be a sign that he has an unusual pee fetish.

Yes. You can't believe how hard it is to find someone who has one

Well that could end up being an extremely stinky relationship.

It'd wouldn't be stinky if it weren't so pissy

#37 - It is also incredibly difficult to find someone who is accepting of a partner with one. Uh, I mean-not that I'm looking...

#65 he also doesn't have rotating blades

#65 & #37: look! FML bringing people together. Those with pee fetishes and those that want people with pee fetishes.

its just disgusting. peeing on another person, in public in a party. yuk.

Did he feel the warmth of your gesture?

friedpwnadge 25

Looks like you showered him with greetings. R.Kelley would be proud.

OP he won't need a bath after you just gave him a golden shower ;)

salazara 10

OP, it's not your fault you felt the urge to shower him with affection.

Aww!! Sorry that happened OP. Maybe he'll get over it and you guys will joke about it some day.

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Did you read the FML? Of course OP didnt choose to pee on her crush! Dont you ever accidentally and completely randomly let out a drop of pee?

MikeonFML 17

Actually guys don't really just "let out a drop of pee," usually it's all or nothing

Well just to let you know, girls do. There, I said it. It's completely random, uncontrollable, and pretty uncommon, but it does happen. Very unlucky for OP that her brain decided that then was the ideal time and place.

It just means that she has an extremely weak pelvic floor, this is what kegels are for.

carleybeak 21

He may have taken it as a gesture of her love... To be peed on will give you a warm feeling, sharing a rather intimidate experience of bodily fluids with the opposite sex - Nah, what am I saying? FYL. That is literally the worse thing you can do to your crush. Unless he's into being R-Kelly'd.

This is one of those FMLs that I really want to hear the rest of the story. O.o

ltaper11 20

I bet it was the number one reason he isn't a fan

Better to be pissed off than pissed on. Oh wait...

RedPillSucks 31

It's a good thing he wasn't turned around the other way...

Be glad it was pee and not....well you know...

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RedPillSucks 31

Technically, she wasn't in the pool, she was wrapped around her crushes neck/back.

OP also stated that she did not intend to pee

I seriously don't think she meant to pee. What a rude comment.

There are two types of people in this world, people who say they've peed in a pool and DIRTY ******* LIARS

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You're an asshole. Bet you've pissed in the pool too.

sillyrosster 11

#108 Sometimes it just happens, dick..

#108 just boarded the asshole train too. Toot toot.

I can honestly say I've peed in just about every pool I've been in for longer than 10 minutes or so. Me and probably every other competitive swimmer out there! That being said...peeing *on* someone is just a teeny tiny bit different than just peeing in the pool!

I honestly have never peed in the pool.. But once as a little kid in the ocean :/ I was like 7

Im sure it will all turn out fine OP!

therealafroninga 10

Since when does pissing on a dudes neck ever turn out fine?

firstbasemaster 15

Thats one way to tell him that you like him

its happends. OP you guys will one day be able to joke all about it.