By Anonymous - United States - Campbellsville
Today, I was at a pool party with some friends. We decided to play chicken and I was on the shoulders of the guy I like. Right as we started playing, for some unearthly reason my body decided to let out a little pee. I thought he wouldn't notice since we were already wet. He did. FML
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  exlexx  |  11

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  ottokat  |  15

Well just to let you know, girls do. There, I said it. It's completely random, uncontrollable, and pretty uncommon, but it does happen. Very unlucky for OP that her brain decided that then was the ideal time and place.

  MissVeracity  |  12

He may have taken it as a gesture of her love... To be peed on will give you a warm feeling, sharing a rather intimidate experience of bodily fluids with the opposite sex

- Nah, what am I saying? FYL. That is literally the worse thing you can do to your crush. Unless he's into being R-Kelly'd.

By  pedinhuh  |  23

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  Habu987  |  9

I can honestly say I've peed in just about every pool I've been in for longer than 10 minutes or so. Me and probably every other competitive swimmer out there!

That being said...peeing *on* someone is just a teeny tiny bit different than just peeing in the pool!