By badhairday - 04/09/2009 20:10 - United States

Today, was a nice day, so I opened the sunroof and all the windows in my car. My hair started flying around and at one point it went out the sunroof. My friends thought it would be funny to close my hair in the sunroof. They laughed until they couldn't open it up again. It short-circuited. FML
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Well, obviously the car liked your hair....

That is why I always have hair ties and bobby pins with me. I cannot stand having my hair windblown all over the place!


Well, obviously the car liked your hair....

I did that to one of my friends. I nearly died of laughter.

FYL for having a P.O.S. car....

YDI for being a woman

#21 fu*k you learn some class

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these "my friend(s) thought it would be funny to....." (and then the OP gets hurt) situations are really getting old

Seeing these types of comments is getting old.

Your moms vagina is getting old

Your face is getting old.

Your impotent penis is getting old.

Learn some humour.


That's what happens when yo buy a foreign car. Buy American, Keep what you put into it.

How do you even know if she had a foreign car? As for American cars, they are all shit except for Buicks.

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with the amount of petrol that an american car guzzles on, i wouldn't be surprised if it wanted some hair as a side dish

no, there pretty much all shit haha.

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Damn, that sucks.

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How long is your hair? long is your hair??? that sucks tho sorry......well at least you didnt get scalped.....

This is why I do not like to have the windows down all the way when I drive anywhere with significant speed.

LOL. Yeah, that sounds tragic! I would just shave it off, in that case.

lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz