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  afdude87  |  6

19, girls do the same shit. sexist bitch

  juicedboi  |  7

This isn't really an FML situation is it? since when is it "fuck my life for not hooking up with guys". Not to mention I'm sure if you were that desperate you could find a willing male.

  Jacobt24  |  19

84 - as I was towards the end of your comment I was really hoping you would've ended it with "so stick that in your juice box" instead :/

  Jammy01jams  |  2

16, virgin been to a girls house once. First friend that was a girl. Although for the op that may actually be a bit worse. Makes me feel better about my crappy relationship with women. FYL.

  jannie22  |  0

Ok i think it's great that op is a virgin at 21! But to also be a kissing virgin at that age is pretty bad. I hope you find love soon OP. good luck :)

  Xtra_Cheddar  |  3

136- you're 14, I'm surprised you even know what a virgin is, or sex for that matter, you're proud to be a virgin at 14? Wtf? Do you live in a city with sex crazed people or something?

  FrenchToast94  |  0

I see nothing wrong with this? It's not bad that she is still a virgin I'm almost 18 and still a virgin. An I'm proud of it. While everyone's getting STD's I proudly play games at home :D

  iam_Stef  |  1

280, the fact that she is 14 doesn't necessarily mean she's completely uneducated about sex. Most people at the age of 14 are aware of what a virgin is and what sexual intercourse is.

  silversonic75  |  6

I agree with you #4. It could be worse. I mean, I'm a guy who has never been asked about my love life. Because it is so obvious to anyone who looks at me that I don't even have one. And I honestly believe I probably never will too.

Also, I have a hard time with eye contact in any situation thanks to my ADHD. I can't stand still or direct my attention to one thing for very long.

  zakkyzebra  |  11

XD. You haven't been here long, have you? If you comment on FML, it's like a dark alley. The times are haunting and people be cruel. Know the ways or drown in your own harvested organs... So don't take it too personally.