By Gears

Close shave

Today, I had dinner at a local fast-food joint. There's an employee there that I usually talk to and flirt with, so I thought maybe it was time to ask for her number. After a small conversation and almost getting to the point, she told me, "I'm 17." I'm 23. FML
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  RichardPencil  |  30

You reminded me: I started officially dating a girl on my 25th birthday who was six weeks shy of her 18th. We lasted three years and the first two were the best of my life.

By  davidfong  |  14

If you truly love her and the age gap is not an issue with you maybe find out if that age gap is a issue for her. If it is there’s other fish in a sea. And 5-6 years age difference is probably what I would stay with. Don’t want to rob the cradle or the grave.

  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

love? They've never even dated each other. If someone said they "loved" you before they even got to start spending real time together, it's not love, it's just lust.

By  TxKitten79  |  10

1. That's legal in most states. 2. Not a huge age difference. 3. If 1 is true in your state, and you really like her, and think she's mature enough, go for it. If just the fact that she's 17 creeps you out, even if it's legal where you live, ask when her birthday is and just keep flirting till she turns 18.

By  destineos  |  20

Einstein equation say it’s not good :

age’ = age/2 + 7

23/2 + 7 = 18,5

You can only take girl that have much than 18,5

By  forgetable  |  9

It’s not the age difference that’s creepy, it’s asking her out while she’s at work. Don’t hit on people while they’re working. They have to be polite and it may come off as “flirting,” but generally that’s not what it really is.