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Today, while going through airport security the lady asked why I folded everything so small. I said that I was going away for a month and needed to fit a lot of stuff in only one bag. She smiled, nodded and then dumped my luggage to search for "drugs and other illegal teen things." FML
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bah, the profiling system gets on my nerves :P

If it was a man, you could've said, "Because I needed to make room for my tampons."


bah, the profiling system gets on my nerves :P

why did this comment have too many negative votes?

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Does everyone just hide the first comment now no matter what it says? Better to be safe than sorry?

isnt that illegal? searching through stuff without consent? something like that? idk im only in 8th grade but i think thats illegal..if its at a airport, im not sure if its a different story but yea. shes a b-iznitch

@21: It can be an error. If the server isn't working at the best, comments can sometimes get buried randomly. Usually it's lots and lots of comments that get buried all at once. Anyway, I hate the whole burying system. Who doesn't expand a buried comment out of curiosity? @OP: Profiling sucks. Teenagers are always viewed really unfavourably for some reason. Despite what the media says, most of us are not rude, violent drug addicts.

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Uh, it's an airport screening. Of course they're gonna search your shit.

Yeah - airport security people can be real jerks at times - that's why I travel real early in the morning. That way - nothin's really happened that ruins their day, and they tend to be in a much better mood. It's all in when you travel....

No. Airport security has the authority to search any suspicious bags. Normally they pull people with bags they want to search aside, but it may not always be the case. Tightened airport security measures are BS, but the lady was still being a douche. New rules charging people per bag they bring cause situations like this. Not much you can do.

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When your at the airpot they have the right to searcb and suspicious lookin bag or person

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Ya airport security sucks people who can carry guns should be able to take them on planes

Actually, TSA was commissioned by Congress only to search for things which would endanger the airport or airplanes. If she was actually told by the screener that she was searching her bag for drugs and illegal teen things, the submitter should contact the ACLU, I think they're actually starting a lawsuit over this.

it is an inconvenience but I wouldn't sue someone for it

Uhh ive gone through the airport security so many times and got searched once when i was little cause a little math toy was bomb shaped

If it was a man, you could've said, "Because I needed to make room for my tampons."

What a bitch! Make her fold your shit back up!!!

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I'm not even a teen anymore, but this still PISSES me off. If I made a comment anything close to that about another age group, that would be unacceptable. It may be because I'm going into education, but I think people of ALL ages deserve respect until they've proven otherwise. I once had a coworker who called me "just a baby" all the time and then was offended when I was surprised that she had a myspace account. Sorry you were treated so rudely OP.

I was searched once. Apparently a deck of cards looks a lot like a bomb in the x-ray machine. Or something. They were nice to my stuff, though.

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I agree completely--I had people I hung out with on a regular basis refer to me as "just the baby" because several of them were near 30 and I was 20. The night I lit into them about maturity levels and the fact that they couldn't conduct themselves in an adult manner in public.... Well, they didn't refer to me as the baby any more and I stop hanging around. It bothers me when older people do it too--I don't look my age, nor do I act as if I'm in my early 20s, and people are surprised that I'm not a really young looking 30something. OP--this sucks. I know it was the airport, so she did have the right to search your things, but she was awful about it. I don't travel a lot--shouldn't they X-Ray said bag first?

What does this have to do with anything? I don't think people want to hear about your hanging out stories.

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Hahah. :D That made my day! Funny! I'm going to New York in August! Hopefully that doesn't happen to me!

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My sister is too! Are you going there for medical school?

I agree with number 6. That bitch should have to put your stuff back together. She didn't have to dump it either with no care at all.