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Today, my 21 year-old boyfriend asked me what foreplay is. FML
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Qluz 3

you play with your forehead. duuh

...right, like America ever was in an incredibly great danger, like America was the country that has been invaded by a foreign army. I think my heart goes out to the mostly innocent inhabitants of Iraq who are unnecesary killed, raped and tortured and whose country is totally being destroyed. There should never be an unwanted and completely unnecesary army in the Middle-East, but onfortunately, now it's too late to just walk away. And I'm sorry for your brother. (oh, and I suggest that all of you could use private messages)


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Look it up. Google is your pal

windergirl6, I'm assuming the 6 represents your age? Otherwise, FYL for being stupid.

duhh every one knows it's a game consisting of 4 players.

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it's the play you make for fourth base ( home plate )


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I would just ask my mom what that is...

terranada 3

I can't decide what's worse: that he never learned it in high school like most people, or that he's not smart enough to look it up on urban dictionary

Why don't you just show him what it is? Problem solved and you're moving things along.

I_R_Genius 3

Wow.. That's pretty dumb. Who doesn't know what foreplay is? FYL, but YDI for not showing him.

love0128 5

My heart goes out to you. Just because you are in the ARMY! Thank You!!!

I_R_Genius 3

Why thank you ma'am I really appriecate(sp?) that. I do whatever to protect this county and the people in it. Except the church in Topeka, Kansas.

I_R_Genius 3
love0128 5

You're welcome! I'm glad you're one of the ones willing to fight for our country! And I know that was pretty random and all, but I was looking at your pic and read your info and just had to thank you!

I_R_Genius 3

It's alright ma'am, I'm getting shipped to Germany on the 28th of June. I will always fight for my country no matter what.

aww hey thanks and good luck. come home safe!!! PS totally agreed I'm all for free speech believe me I'm quite liberal in my views but that has to be crossing some line I mean just common decency. they are sooo ignoranttt. remind me of that Koran burning guy.

carcinogan 0

I hate that church..fellow poolees and I when we hear the news we get mad!

omg 27 I read your profile uhh wow 19 and all that?! you are an amazingly strong person! and sorry about your family's loss that's the ultimate sacrifice for our country and he's a hero. thank you for your continued service!

...right, like America ever was in an incredibly great danger, like America was the country that has been invaded by a foreign army. I think my heart goes out to the mostly innocent inhabitants of Iraq who are unnecesary killed, raped and tortured and whose country is totally being destroyed. There should never be an unwanted and completely unnecesary army in the Middle-East, but onfortunately, now it's too late to just walk away. And I'm sorry for your brother. (oh, and I suggest that all of you could use private messages)

are you kidding? just because I appreciate his sacrifice does not mean I'm supporting the war I never did and probably won't in the future. and I'm on my phone so I can't or just don't know how.

Hey 40, go lose some weight then come back when your decent looking if you wanna add some more to the conversation.

People actually give a shit about some country that the rest of the world uses as its crapper?

50- you can't see her body in the picture. There's no way of telling whether or not she's fat. Also, you don't need to be attractive to voice your opinion. You managed to prove that yourself.

57. you're mean. he said it without seeing the person it doesn't mean anything but you're just mean and I think he's attractive!!

how the f*** r this comments related to foreplay

I_R_Genius 3

The reason I said I don't like the WBC is that they protested at my brothers funeral. But thank god for the PGR.

im thankful for the people sacrifising thei lifes but not the government making them fight in some useless wars

I_R_Genius 3

The reason why I was shipped over is because I'm a MP and so was my brother. I did not like fighting for no reason but I still had to.

I am incredibly sorry for your loss and the horror that you had to endure at the funeral. Nothing makes me angrier than the West-burrow Baptist Church; I quite literally hate them with every fiber of my being. Anyone with the audacity to protest a funeral is the very epitome of evil. I almost wish that they would be executed so that their funerals could be protested, but then I can't find it in me to wish that on anyone who is grieving for the loss of a loved one. No one should have to go through that. I am so sorry.

40- if you care about those countries so much why dont you just go live there, they deserve it for the attacks on OUR country

They? Who are they? The children, who can't go to school anymore because everything is blown up? The mothers, who pray every day that the war will be over? The wifes, crying on the street after another useless attack where their husbands and childs were killed? The men, mentally completely down because they can't guarantee safety to their beloved ones? The girls, afraid that some foreign men will take their honour? The normal citizens, waiting for their normal lives to come back home? Or wait, yes, I think I know, do you mean the five terrorists who are responsible for 9/11? Ow, yes, now I understand, those terrorists were enough reason to let thousands and thousands and thousands of innocent people (of both sides) die an useless dead. Uhu. Completely logical. And it wasn't a war about power, oh no, America was almost completely destroyed if they hadn't started the war! Ffs, YOUR country never was in great danger. And even if I would live in the Middle-East, I can't, because there is a war going on, you know, a war, hmm? And 50, If a would lose weight I would look like the jews leaving the concentration camps after WW2 was over. Glad for you if that's your taste, but it isn't mine. I like boobies, and a butt, and I cannot lie.

DJP - careful with the Holocaust jokes. Some people may find that offensive. That seems to be one thing you still can't joke about.

Mars_Bars_Big_Na 0

wow that's really ignorant if brave men like 27 weren't in the middle east that country WOULD be destroyed there would be much more death if it weren't for the us and we kinda are in danger because if we weren't there what would be keeping them from building nuclear arms to use against us? so yea 40 unless you actually know what's going on don't insult 27 because he has ur life in his hands and he's giving his life for yours you prick

#98 - Iraq did not attack the United States.

im super sorry about your brother.. thank you for serving our country

Wow, you guys are being incredibly ignorant. Show some respect. We're all one world. And we are the ones that make what it becomes. So stop pointing fingers and save your breath cause it doesn't do any good, someone else could be needing it. &Thank You for serving our country (: 19? Man, that's true commitment (sp?) to your country right there.

I_R_Genius 3

Thank you for all your support. I appreicate it. I will continue to serve my country and all her childern. Me and my brother joined up the same day, left the same day for basic at the same time and shipped out at the same time. Our unit was on patrol (he was in front, I was in the rear) and histruck went over an IED and destroyed his truck. I lost him and five other friends of mine. When I got back to bury him, the WBC were there protesting and that really made me mad.

kayiscoolllll 6

the Westboro Baptist 'Church' makes real Christians look bad. don't let those few crazy people shadow the sacrifices your family has made, and the honor your brother displayed. I am deeply sorry for your loss and extremely appreciative of how brave you are to serve your country.

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I_R_Genius 3

I was given a few medals and when I got back I buried them with my brother. I love the army, everyone in my family is military. I'm looking foward for my new assignment. I'm getting shipped to germany in june and I can't wait. But, I know violence is not the answer, I joined up because I wanted to make my grandpa proud. The day I graudated from basic, I lost my grandfather to cancer. I graduated two years ago and went to AIT then right after AIT, me and my brother shipped out to Iraq.

I_R_Genius 3

Sorry for the wording in this one I'm really really tired and I got to get up in a few hours so good night all.

So...about that foreplay...I think we got kinda sidetracked there... cookies anyone? *awkwardly walks away*

Diablo232 0

100 u r retarded you act like we're trying to kill civilians. u know that most of the people being cared for in afganistan aren't even americans? you act like we don't care about their lives. if we didn't care about them we would carpet bomb everything until every last terrorist was burning in hell. every day the military is working on new technology to be more precise. you haven't done shit for America might as well leave for Canada where you can have your peace.

Diablo232 0

100 oh I'm sorry you live in Belgium. stay out of a conversation you have no business in.

Diablo232 0
I_R_Genius 3

No I'm an MP so was my brother.

im going to the canadian forces in 4 years when i get out of school

Diablo232 0

128 thank you for serving our country.

MrChocolateburri 0

You're a bitch. You cannot spell. You have horrible grammar. You are sadly unable to see the big picture. You should be thankful that you live in a country where you are allowed to voice your opinion, because of the courageous soldiers willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect your freedoms.

HOW COME WE ALL CAN'T ******* GET ALONG?!?!?! I know most men in the middle east treat women like shit, most terrorists are usually from the middle east, and all the governments like to start or make an excuse for a war to start. LET'S ALL ******* GET ALONG OR ELSE WE WILL TEAR THIS WORLD AS WE KNOW IT APART!!!!!!!!

aubreybradt 9

Really? America has never been in actual danger? How about the Cuban missile crisis? Or uh, the entirety of the Cold War? you know, where the whole world couldve been blown up 10 times over? No that wasn't dangerous though.

Mattanatior 11

You're pretty ******* dumb not everyone needs to search the depths of the Internet for what foreplay is

its_tuesday 6

that is very very sad. and fhl too because he apparently hasn't gotten laid and definitely won't now lol.

Or maybe he's been involved in foreplay, but unaware of what the activity is called.

Yeah, because anyone who hasn't heard of it is DEFINITELY a virgin. Just like how anyone who has studs in their cheeks is TOTALLY rad.

I_R_Genius 3

Hey now, no need to insult her like that you dumbass. Dimple piercings are hot and my fiancé has them. And by the way you typed that comment you're the virgin.

Dont_Explain 3

Hey now, no need to insult him like that you prick. Virgins are hot and my fiance is one, and by the way you typed that, you're the dumbass.

having sex with a virgin REALLY sucks. so afraid to hurt them... what exactly makes virgins 'hot'?

You idiots.... I'm a virgin, by choice, and I even know what foreplay is, among other things. He's just a sample of ignorance in society, and probably from Texas.

Dont_Explain 3

46- I was mocking the guy prior to me... and hoping people would continue the joke so the next post would be "being a dumbass is hot, my fiance is one" etc.

Lolololol apparently someone can't handle sarcasm and a little trollolol.

Hey now, no need to insult him like that, you fiance. Being a prick is hot and my dumbass is one, and by the way you typed that... Aw, dammit.

Not everyone from Texas is ignorant, although the vast majority is.

Heh, tell me about it... I've been through quite a bit of Texas, and at work there's a majority of brainless people....

tdog_ossim 0

Hey now, no need to insult him/her like that you dimple. virgin foreplay is hot and my grandmothers ex boyfriends mom does it.

lorraineald 7

Don't you dare insult Texas. By the way you typed that, you're definitely ignorant.

shycricket 0

Just tell him, doesn't sound too bad. As long as he doesn't ask what hole to put it in, you're fine. :P

RedPillSucks 31

Why he gotta ask? Real men don't ask, they just plunge forward. :-P (jk)

AAShah 0

Why don't you be a teacher, he'll be the student, and you give him a hard lesson. :)

But you already knew that question was comming.

11....u n 17 look like u put a p pump on yer faces.... not sexy, jus saaaaad! new profile pic please. :(........

you're both f#*ked. and not in the good way, because I'm sure he has no clue what hole to stick it in.