By shatMyself - 22/04/2013 19:10 - United States

Today, I was admitted to the hospital for chronic constipation. I have to share a room with two other girls who are also having bowel problems. We're all on strong laxatives, and there's apparently only one bathroom in this place. FML
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one gets the toilet, one gets the tub, and one gets the sink

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38 Way to resolve the shit out of that problem.

Well they are in a ******** situation.

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59-Are you ******** me. Your comment stunk.

Sounds like that hospital has their ***** together.,

I smell a game of battleshits coming on!

Shitty situation, three girls one bathroom, laxative puns, did I cover them all?

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I smell a new shitcom.. xD (And let the downvotes commence)

Lizardgirl 7

Well that was unexpected... xD

How do we know its a girl? By the name I assumed it was a guy and he had to wait outside while they shat everywhere

It's the Hunger Games: Hospital Edition.

There is no chance I'd volunteer to be a tribute in those games.

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And it smells pretty shitty.

Lizardgirl 7

"And may your bowels be ever in your favor."

And the tributes could sabotage each other by putting more laxatives in their food.

They should have given you buckets...or just not put all of you in the same room to begin with!

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Yeah, I've never heard of 3 people sharing a hospital room, usually they have 2 people.

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its maybe a ward. in the uk wards usually sleep 4-8.

Alright, one takes the bathroom, the other gets a bucket and the third creative OP

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Could go bridesmaids style and use the the sink.

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What a shitty reply to a shitty comment.

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What a shitty reply to a shitty reply to a shitty comment.

Can't really be 2 girls 1 cup if there's 3 of them...

15 - Nor can it Really be homemade if they're in a hospital.

15, one of them is gonna have the toilet, and the other two have to try to be resourceful..

What kind of hospital has only one bathroom?

Hopefully the OP meant one bathroom in the room she was staying in? Last time I checked hospitals had more than one bathroom. I know where I live all the hospitals have public bathrooms like every 20 feet

Do you think the doctors take bets on who can beat the others to the bathroom?